Saturday, December 15, 2012

Send Fax for FREE Globally without FAX machine---HELLO FAX

Hello Fax a online fax company has came with a innovative idea of paperless faxing method . It has partnered with Microsoft and Google. It allow to to send 50 fax per month to any fax machine across the globe for free. All you need is to log into using your Hotimal or Google ID
If you have a hard copy document and you want to send that document using fax then you will require a SCANNER which will digitized the document. Once document is in digital format you can send to FAX machine

Go to and click the “Sign-up with Microsoft” link. Once your are signed in, just upload any document and put in a fax number (with country code) to send your first online fax. Once your fax has been successfully delivered, a copy of the sent fax document will be saved in your SkyDrive.

Google account user can go to and use your Google Account to sign-up for HelloFax.  You will still get credit for sending up to  50 faxes per month for free.Google account user can save Sent fax to Google Drive, They can also recive a copy of fax in there Google drive. It create a folder with name HELLO FAX in your Google drive.In this folder all your sent and receive fax will be stored
 HelloFax can  send Word doc, PDFs, text files, images and several other  formats. It can also pull in documents directly from your SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive accounts for faxing. You can save sent document ,recive copy of doucment in Google Drive/SkyDrive/Drop box etc


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Control Multiple Computers with Single Keyboard and Mouse

Many time there might be scenario where we have to work on multiple systems at a time. For instance, when you work on your home PC and office laptop at the same time, In that case we often get puzzled between the mouse and keyboards while switching frequently.

Mouse without borders is software comes handy which handle  these problem since it helps you control
more than one computer with a single mouse and keyboard. It even lets you share files between multiple
computers by copying your desired files and simply dragging and dropping them to the desired screen, share
clipboard text, and access multiple computers using a single mouse and keyboard.Keyboard
will work on that system only on which the mouse pointer is currently appearing.
You can connect up to 4 computers together using Mouse without Borders and use single mouse and keyboard on multiple system.It also allows you to send and receive quick screenshots, and personalize your logon screen in Windows 7 PC

One Limitation of this software is that if you are looking for a software to access PC at a remote
location, then there is no any option. It let’s you control another system, but that system has to be near your
own system so that you can view the transfer of files or access of files or applications on another system.
You can discuss on this community forum about Mouse without Borders 
Truong Do, a Microsoft Dynamics developer in Redmond started  developing a way to control all his PC with a single keyboard and mouse.

That project became Mouse without Borders, and goes well beyond just navigation of multiple PCs. Using the software Truong has developed it’s possible to login and out of multiple Windows PCs with a single keyboard and mouse. You can also seamlessly move between up to four PCs, and best of all, file copying through drag and drop works across those machines too.It is the similar to having a single PC and four screens. All it requires is that you have a network setup as that’s the communication method
Software available to download for free. It’s a 1.1MB file which you can download from the
Microsoft IT website

Check out the video below to hear Truong talk about the software:

Features of Mouse without Borders:

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Micromax common Man Tablet with Voice calling (2G) and lot more feature

Micromax has once again proofed un-matachable feature within budget.Micromax has launched another tablet to its Funbook series named as Funbook Talk, it is the first tablet from the company to offer in-built voice-calling and 2G data support. All the previous Funbook tablets and other Tablet manufacturing company had data support via 3G USB cards.

Micromax Funbook Talk, features 7-inch capacitive display with 800x480p resolution, 1GHz processor, Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, 512MB RAM, and 4GB of internal storage.

There is also a 0.3MP front camera on the tablet along with microSD card slot and 2800mAh battery. The best feature I liked is its Voice calling facility which normal tablet is not having within in price range.The Voice calling makes it to use it as mobile phone

The tablet is also started reaching retail stores.
The approximate Price for indian market is Rs 7199

If we talk about other Tablet manugacturing company there is another comapny which is providing Voice calling facility on Tablet like Penta T-Pad WS703C with voice calling for Rs. 6999 .In this same series  Pantel launches WS802C-2G tablet for Rs 8299. Pantel has tie up with state owned BSNL for Tablet selling


Friday, October 12, 2012

Google Gmail started FREE SMS service for INDIAN USER

Google gmail product has recently started Free SMS. Gmail user can log his/her mail and initiate chat .On chat window there is option for sending SMS.This option was earlier not available for Indian user,but now it is also avalilable for Indian user.
Google has extended its free SMS chat service to Indian users. The Gmail SMS feature is now accessible to Indian users along with 51 other countries in Asia, Africa and North America. Google had first made this feature available to its users in some African countries in 2011.

Using the free Gmail SMS service users can send text messages to mobile phones via Gmail Chat. Responses to the SMSs will appear as replies in Gmail Chat and conversations will be stored in users' Chat history, like regular chats. This feature was activated for Indian users on October 10 and is available for regular Gmail users as well as those on Google Apps.
In India the free Gmail SMS service is available on eight major mobile service operators: Aircel, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata indicom and Vodafone (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal & Andaman and Nicobar, Assam, North East).
The free Gmail SMS service is not yet available on the Google Talk app, also referred to as GTalk, installed on computers.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free Disk Image/Clone /System Restore/partition back up Tool

Backing up data and restoring it fast is need of today computer world. with the continuous piling of data there is need of proper back which will help to recover during any unwanted situation
Here I am going to analysis few FREE System Restore tool that works fine and fully loaded with different feature.Whenever we think of back /recovery the first name comes in mind is Acronis/ Norton Ghost
Acronis True Image" or "Norton Ghost". However both Acronis and Norton are commercial products that need to spend money to get licence but I am going to discuss some alternative for these paid software. So I did some research and came out free back up software
Here is list of FREEWARE system recovery tool/Disk Image/clone tools

1) Free Paragon Backup & Recovery
2) Macrium Reflect Free 
3) DriveImage XML

1) Free Paragon Backup & Recovery

 Basically Paragon Back up and Recovery can create full backups of your hard drives, copy your hard drive.Paragon Backup & Recovery generates a backup of your data including operating system, application and personal files. The backup target can be another internal hard-drive, external storage such as CD/DVDs and portable disks, network storage as well as secured hidden partitions. Every file is copied sector-by-sector. A boot sector copy within the backup makes it easy to move from an old to a new hard-drive as the operating system doesn’t need to be re-installed. During recovery partition sizes are automatically adjusted if the new disk-drive has a different size. Paragon Backup & Recovery now supports SSD Drives and hard-disks larger than 2TB.

2) Macrium Reflect Free
Macrium Reflect is very gud professional disk cloning/imaging software with easy and user friendly GUI that allows you to create and compress full image backups, to explore each image backup just like you were viewing a folder which is helpful if you want to only restore a certain file instead of the whole backup.It has a scheduler and supports the creation of Linux and BartPE bootable disks.

In nutsell we can have brief feature of FREE version as :
Disk Cloning
Disk Imaging
Access images in Windows Explorer
Schedule backups
Linux Rescue CD
Windows PE 3 Rescue Media (RAID support)
Windows XP / Vista / 7 compatibility

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Trick to export Google Product data form GOOGLE account

Have you ever thought when you register a website then you enter few detail and in mean time as you start using that Portal you start using it different product. While using different product there is exchange of data from user. Now suppose user wants to leave the product and want to take aways this data then there should be option to take data out.

Google has one of innovative idea to take away all your data from different Google product in case you want to leave Google or export it to some other place or reuse data then Google has its product call TAKE out
Visit login using existing account ,select  the Google product who's data you want to take out. This feature is powered by Data Liberation Front.

The Data Liberation Front is an engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products. They do this because they believe that we should be able to export any data that we create in (or import into) a product.  We help and consult other engineering teams within Google on how to "liberate" their products.  This is our mission statement:

People usually don't look to see if they can get their data out of a product until they decide one day that they want to leave.  For this reason, we always encourage people to ask these three questions before starting to use a product that will store their data:
There shouldn't be an additional charge to export your data. Beyond that, if it takes you many hours to get your data out.


Friday, September 21, 2012

BSNL landline launched Video calling .Now convert PCOs to VCOs(Video Call Offices)

BSNL, in partnership with SIS Infosystems,  launched telephones with video calling facility which will primarily be used to set up public Video Call Offices by replacing many of the PCOs.

"We will convert existing Public Call Offices (PCOs) to VCOs with these phones. People will be able to make voice calls to any phone and video calls to any other IP (internet based) phone," BSNL Chairman and Managing Director R K Upadhyay told reporters here.
Accordng to him most of the revenue of BSNL comes from landline phones and this new services is one of the initiative to increase company's revenue.
There will be no need to use computers for making video calls for user of these video phones
BSNL will charge Rs 3 for 45 second video call made from VCO which will include 30 per cent commission for the franchise owner.
BSNL will provide various categories of VCO franchisees based on the services that a franchisee owners wants to provide.
for tariff for Voice and Video Over Broadband click here
Around 770 PCOs have confirmed to shift their business to VCOs and the target is to have 10,000 VCOs set-up across the country.
The service was inaugurated by Advisor to Prime Minister Sam Pitroda who stressed on the use of video phones to reach rural masses.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Free Missed Call Alert service from BSNL

BSNL is providing free missed call alert service.But there is some small manual configuration to be down.All you need to do call Divert settings and divert all your calls when out of reach to the number 17010.

Now onwards when your mobile is switched off  or out of coverage area  some body tries to call you, you will get an SMS  alert which contains detailed information about the time of call and the number of attempts the person made to call you.

Just activate this service free of cost if you are on BSNL. For more details call 1503 this will connect you to customer care of respective region from where you are making call  from your BSNL mobile.


Internet usage by a INDIAN are PLANNED not Spontaneous

According to Microsoft advertising it has done a survey for Internet usage of a INDIAN  here is some of finding.Most of Indian use INTERNET as PLANNED way

1)  49% to communicate with others
2)  35% seek information
3)  22% for  entertainment for  music, video and gaming
4)14% to create content in the digital space
5) 12 % online transactions
Below image show Info graphic. for more visit this link


No ISD service to PREPAID MOBILE number in INDIA

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India regualtion (TRAI) has issued this directive in wake of  complaints from consumers about missed calls from international telephone numbers which are often premium numbers charging high tariff, prompting the consumers to make call to such numbers.TRAI has asked to de-activate the international calling facility in prepaid numbers and restore it only after a subscriber gives his explicit consent to avail this facility.
TRAI said it has also been receiving complaints from consumers about receiving calls and SMSes from international numbers informing them about winning of prizes or lottery and prompting consumers to call a particular number to claim the prize or lottery money.
 According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India regualtion it says to inform all pre-paid subscribers having ISD facility, through SMS, within 10 days of the date of issue of this direction, that ISD facility of the subscribers shall be discontinued after sixty days,"
If subscribers want to continue with ISD facility, they should give their explicit consent for availing such facility within 60 days of the receipt of the SMS,from there operator

The regulator has asked telecom operators to inform subscribers through SMS, within 10 days of the direction, that pre-paid cellular mobile telephone service consumers need not respond to all missed calls from unknown international numbers or calls about winning prizes or lottery.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Microsoft changed it logo after 25 yrs

Recently software giant Microsoft has changed it logo.It has been heavily inspired by the emblem of Windows operating system.

Rather than the previous emblem, which only had the name of the company, this new logo has 'Microsoft' written in Segoe font on the right and square with four tiles, reminiscent of the Metro UI, on the left.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's Talk Mo service :Google new FREE mobile hosting site

Google India has come up with a service called 'Let's Talk Mo', which aims to enable small and medium businesses to reach out to the mobile user.Let's Talk Mo service, Google will help businesses to have FREE mobile sites.
Google India is offers the businesses two options – create a mobile site for free, and test how user friendly your mobile website. For this purpose, Google has launched a dedicated website that gives users all the necessary tools and resource to have a mobile website.Apart from these you can test your site using  GoMoMeter tool which check how their site looks on a smartphone.This tool also helps them get recommendations to make their website more user-friendly.
To Explore more about Google's new product, visit
Check out Google's Guides for the Let's Talk Mo service here


Innovative idea by IRCTC to have advance Deposit (RDS scheme)

IRCTC has decided to launch a scheme allowing passengers to reserve seats against advance money with their IRCTC register account .This scheme is termed as Rolling Deposit Scheme(RDS).In this scheme the use can deopsit minum of Rs1500 and avail this faiclity. While paying the ticket ammout the user can select IRCTC deposite ammout or other traditional bank payment method.

It will reduce the payment gateyway time for the user as money will be deducted from your IRCTC and not from bank as is the current scenario
One of the best feature of this service is that IRCTC will not charge any payment gateyway charge for booking e-ticket
Another important point is that it will sure help to minimize the number of failure transaction in future
User can mange his account and also top up online. They can transfer money from his bank account to IRCTC account


Nikon first Android based digital camera

Nikon's Coolpix S800c will launch in September, it will be the first camera running on Android. The camera is having Android Gingerbread (2.3) and its specs include a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, a 3.5 inch touch screen, an 10x optical zoom and a GPS. Its will have Wi-fi which enable users to download apps from Google Play, such as photo-editing software and games, but also to upload pics and vids to social networks
Boasting plenty of alluring photography and video features, the Coolpix S8000c will ship late September for €379 / $350.The camera also captures Full HD 1080p HD video with full stereo sound, and lets video clips be instantly uploaded to popular video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.
 It has built-in GPS for geotagging and finding shooting spots, allowing the recording of shooting location information on stills and movies.
Nikon is also launching three other Coolpix cameras in September.

  • P7700 ($499)
  • S800c ($349)
  • S01 ($180)


Types of Memory card SD/SDHC/SDXC

Now a days with use of so many mobile device,camera there is need of storage device.The storage device used in device is call SD card (Secure Digital) used in most modern cell phones, GPS devices, portable audio players, video game consoles, and expandable USB flash memory drives.Secure Digital or (SD) is a non-volatile memory card format for use in portable devices.

There are basically three types of memory card

This cards come in four different speed classes.
1) Class 2 -is fast enough to record standard-definition video.
2)Classes 4 and 6 are fast enough for standard and high-definition recording.
3) Class 10 is the fastest microSD speed class, capable of full high-definition video recording.
ClassMinimum performance
SDHC Speed Class 2.svg Class 2MB/sec
SDHC Speed Class 4.svg Class 44 MB/sec
SDHC Speed Class 6.svg Class 66 MB/sec
SDHC Speed Class 10.svg Class 1010 MB/sec

Micro SDHC Card
Micro SDHC cards are identical to Micro SD cards in every way except for storage capacity.
 Micro SDHC cards have a capacity range from 4 GB to 32 GB. Only high end mobile devices such as touch-screens and smartphones have support for Micro SDHC cards. Micro SDHC cards are also available in different speed classes. Micro SDHC cards with a high speed class are ideal for task such as HD video recording, while lower speed classes are useful for storing images and music.Class 4,6,10 comes under this category

Micro SDXC Card
Micro SDXC cards are the next generation in Micro SD technology. The SDXC cards feature storage capacities between 32 GB up to 2 TB. The majority of electronic devices have yet to implement Micro SDXC technology. Computers support Micro SDXC cards with the use of a SDXC compatible USB reader, or the SD slot directly on the PC.
CapacitySDSC (SD): 1 MB to 2 GB,   some 4 GB available.
SDHC: 4 GB to 32 GB
SDXC: ≥32 GB to 2 TB


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can't copy File larger than 4GB on USB drive,Here is Solution

Have you ever noticed that using your 8GB or 16GB USB flash drives(pendrive) to copy larger single having having more than 4GB? If you have done so then you might get some windows error message stating that You don't have enough space.(such as: There is not enough free space on the drive, or similar.) Does this sound familiar?

If you have faced such a problem, most probably it’s caused by the fact that your flash drive comes with  FAT32 file system from factory. This type of a file system has a built-in limitation on the size of the files that it may contain. Although the total size of the files that you can copy to a FAT32 drive could be as large as 2TB (or the physical capacity of the drive, whichever is smaller), the size of each individual file may not exceed 4GB.Such file system (FAT32/FAT) will not support copying file which is greater than 4GB.Here i want to mention that I am talking about file size of single file should not exceed 4GB.

This limitations is quite unwanted in present context but when FAT32 was designed no body anticipated that we would deal with large files as we are dealing today.Or, maybe the designers hoped that by the time such large files become common, the use of the FAT32 system would be replaced by the more modern systems.

But in any case we need to resolve the solution . This problem can be solved using NTFS file system.The latter does not have the 4GB file size limitation, and it also allows for many other functions not supported by FAT32: file security, encryption, compression, etc.

On the other side there are some limitations of NTFS also the older versions of Windows (such as Windows 95, 98, or Windows Millennium do not support the NTFS file system. If you plan on using the drive with such old computers, then DO NOT format the drive with NTFS, because you won’t be able to get the old Windows to recognize it anyway. If, however, you only plan on using the drive with the more recent versions of Windows, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and of course Windows 7, such computers should work with the NTFS drives just fine.

Now I am going to tell you how you can change your FAT32 USB devices to NTFS in Windows Xp. Normally it is very easy in case of Windows vista/Windows 7 but it is little bit tricky in case of Windows Xp
By default Windows Xp will not allow you to format USB to NTFS. When you select "Format" in context menu of USB drive there you won't have any option for NTFS.

Step to enable NTFS format of USB in Windows XP

1.      Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port.
2.      Click Start, type devmgmt.msc in the Search textbox and press  Enter.
3.      Find Disk Drives and expand it.
4.      Find the USB flash drive you want to format, and double-click it. It opens the  Properties dialog box.
5.      Click Policies tab.
6.      By default, the  Optimize for quick removal option selected, switch it to Optimize for performance and then pressOK.
7.      Now open My Computer. Right click on the USB Flash Drive and select Format. The Format dialog box now appears.
8.      Select NTFS in the File System field.
9.      Press Start and wait while the process will be completed.
10.   Now your USB Flash Drive is formatted with NTFS format.

Steps to format USB in Windows vista/Windows 7

1. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port.
2.  Now open My Computer. Right click on the USB Flash Drive and select Format. The Format dialog box now appears.
3.  Select NTFS in the File System field.
4. Press Start and wait while the process will be completed.
5. Now your USB Flash Drive is formatted with NTFS format.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Charge your cellphone using a Biological Virus

A team at the University of California, Berkeley are using the virus known as M13 bacteriophage to replace toxic elements like Li-cd used to charge the cell phones.
The virus possesses a property known as piezoelectricity, which means it can translate mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Researchers believe the discovery could help mobile phones user to charge while you walk and replace the toxic piezoelectric elements already used in mobile phones.

These piezoelectric components are made out of heavy, toxic metals such as lead and cadmium,  M13 bacteriophage has the ability to generate electricity when compressed without the involvement of any toxic chemicals.
To improve the electricity generating power of M13, scientist at University of California added the amino acid content of the virus's outer protein coat by adding four negatively charged glutamate molecules.

Source: Time of India


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Free Office tool in just 37MB from KINGSOFT

Although Microsoft Office still dominates the marketplace, there are plenty of free alternatives that do a reasonably good job of duplicating many of its features. Kingsoft Office Free comes with three programs--Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation--that seek to compete with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, respectively. They're not perfect, but if you're checking out free alternatives to Office, Kingsoft products are definitely worth a look.Free Edition is just 37.2MB which is easy to download and install

The install package is just 50MB, which is only one-tenth the size of other office suites. Taking up less space on a computer means the software runs significantly faster than other office suites.
Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 is a free office suite that offers a number of features for creating, viewing, and editing both personal and business documents.This application is currently available for Windows and Android operating system Kingsoft Office Free 2012 includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheets. These three reliable and versatile programs are perfect for both personal use at home and for professional businesses. They offer outstanding value at their listed cost compared to competing office programs.
Feature in nutshell
1) Paragraph Adjustment
2) Multiple Document Tabs
3) Humanized Table Operation
4) Built-in Office to PDF Converter
5) Automatic Spell Check
6) Small Data Package
7) Document Encryption
8) Share Files via Email
9) Highest level of file compatibility and interoperability with Microsoft Office
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Become a Blood/Eye Donor

Have you ever felt that a technology can change once life or help people who are at distance due to physical barrier. One of very interesting effort by which came with innovative idea for BLOOD donor and Eye donor. The two site is very simple to use

This site is all about becoming a register blood donor.You can do a simple registration with few detail.This site help to search Blood donor in your locality/state/area. This site help user to contact blood donor with detail that they provide.To register yourself please click here and become a Blood Donor

 Bharat Eye Bank is a non-profit, social initiative  to serve the community. With millions of visually impaired people in the country, I felt it is our moral responsibility to further the cause of eye donations. I would urge each and every citizen to join this effort click here to register by filling a eye pledge form


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Say Goodbye to Hotmail it time for

Microsoft has renamed it vintage email service called to Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft by it founder sabir bhatia in 1997 for $400.
The rebranding and overhaul of Microsoft's email service is Microsoft's first major change in its email service in eight years.Hotmail in recent days has lost market share due to ever changing Google mail is a new look of Microsoft new look for email service
Here are few new feature that is having

1) connects to Facebook and Twitter to enrich conversations. Users can view recent status by friends and Tweets shared by friends.
2) Users can open, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in
3) Outlook's address book integrates contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn.
4). With users can make Skype video calls even when both users don't have Skype installed. This feature will be rolled out soon.
5). Photographs attached with emails can be viewed as a slideshow.
6). comes integrated with with Microsoft's cloud storage service SkyDrive, this removes the restrictions of attachment size limits.
7). automatically detects mass messages such as newsletters, offers, daily deals and social updates and puts them in separate folders. Users can customize the process to sort mail any way they want to.
8). Existing Hotmail users can upgrade to the preview and their email address, password, contacts, old email, and rules will remain unchanged. They can continue to send and receive email from their or or address.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Google started Handwriting recognition search for Tablet in 27 language

In attempt to make search more easy on Mobile devices google has introduced a new feature in which user need not to use any virtual keyboard on handheld tablet or mobile device.All you need to just start using your finger or stylus to write on mobile device touch screen.By default this feature is disabled, but you can enable it on your mobile phone or tablet, by visiting the settings page, tapping "enable" in the "handwriting" section and then saving the settings.

Once the feature is enabled, tap the Handwrite icon on the bottom right corner of your screen to activate the writing surface. Write a few letters and you’ll see autocomplete options appear below the search box. If one of the options is what you’re looking for, just tap it to search. For longer queries, you can continue writing and use the arrows next to the autocompletions to move the right one into the search box. Since you can write anywhere, you don’t have to look back and forth repeatedly from the keyboard to the search box.
If you are in busy street corner or in taxi ride or sitting in couch with your tablet,here this feature helps you search by just using finger as pen. currently his feature is preety much helpful in queries of few letters
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Track Stolen Mobile/Laptop/Computer for FREE

Prey lets you keep track of your laptop, phone and tablet whenever stolen or missing -- easily and all in one place. It's lightweight, open source software that gives you full and remote control, 24/7.
Basically you install a tiny agent in your PC or phone, which silently waits for a remote signal to wake up and work its magic.This signal is sent either from the Internet or through an SMS message, and allows you to gather information regarding the device's location, hardware and network status, and optionally trigger specific actions on. You can download this simple application at here

You can quickly find out where your computer is located, who's using it, and what he's doing on it thanks to Prey's powerful reports system.

By marking your device as missing, Prey will gather all the evidence you request and send it either to your Control Panel account or directly to your mailbox, depending on the reporting method you choose.


Create our own CCTV monitoring system for FREE

iSpy is tool that will monitor the on going event ,record it on to your HDD. This is unique tool which will help to monitor activities in sensitive area. If you are not at home you can create a surveillance for secuirty purpose.This is Free tool which will help in area like Office surveillance,Home security,Work Monitoring,Wild Life watching,Theft Protection,Machine Monitoring Here are list of some of the feature which this tool is capable of doing. To download and try this tool you can visit here


Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to transfer Phonebook contact from one phone to another

I came across very interesting scenario where I was suppose to transfer contact of a NOKIA phone to Blackberry/Android. First method that came in mind is just copy the contact to SIM memory and then tranfer to another phone. Here I am going to explain few method by which you can transfer your contact from one phone to another.Now a day people switching to smartphone then it become cumbersome to copy so much contact one by by so I am going to present few method which will help you to easily switch to smart phones.

1) Transfer Contact using SIM memory: In this method if you have limited contact on phone memory say like less than 200 contact then you just need to COPY/MOVE all your contact from OLD phone to SIM memory. Now you can place the SIM on new PHONE and start using.Here I want to state that you can even COPY/MOVE the content of SIM to NEW phone book.If you have more than 200 contact including SIM and PHONE book  then first  you need to MOVE the contact of existing  SIM memory and then place the SIM on new phone there you need to MOVE content from SIM to NEW PHONE.Once the SIM content is empty now place the SIM on OLD phone move the PHONE book content on to SIM and again place the SIM to new PHONE and move the content to new phone book, continue this process until your OLD phonebook get empty.

2) Transfer using Computer: The SIM card based approach is good when transferring basic phone numbers but if your phone’s address book includes long names, email addresses,then you need corresponding phone application to transfer.For instance if you have a NOKIA phone and you are shifting to BLACKBERRY or iPHONE or ANDRIOD then use NOKIA OviSuit application to copy your phone'address book to Microsoft Outlook on your desktop. Once it is copied to to your Outlook then you can use BLACKBERRY Desktop Manager software or HTC sync or iTunes in case of iPHONE or Kies for Samsung glaxy to Transfer from Outlook(PC) to your new phone's address book
Windows Mobile users, like Samsung Omnia or HTC HD2, may again use Microsoft’s Device Center (or ActiveSync for XP) to copy their phone address book to the desktop via Outlook. If you are simply switching from one Windows Phone to another, you can transfer contacts via the cloud itself using Microsoft’s My Phone service.

3) Transfer using Cloud : If you have internet enable handset  then you can copy your old phone contat to new phone over cloud without even a computer. A online seriver called Mobical which is free and works with moost of mobile phone form NOKIA,Motorola.SONY etc.All you need to setup  MOBICAL on old phone and will create back up of your phone on cloud, Now setup Mobical on the new phone using same  login detail and it will automatically download all the contact form cloud to new phone

Another intresting method on is GOOGLE SYNC, a cloud based service that works with BLACKBERRY,iPHONE,NOKIA and most other phones that are SyncML capable. Google sync keep address book in sync with Google contact.If you install google syn on two diffrent phone and use same login detial then it will automatically syn the both phone You can install Google syn on old phone and and just sync with google contact. Once you have finished sync with old phone now install google sync on new phone and use same credential to sync. All the Google contact corresponding to that login will automatically sync.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Google allow users to send and receive email via SMS

Gmail users can now send and receive their emails via their feature phones.
However, this service will currently be available in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya only but is likely to be launched in other regions later. It will help the search giant reach out to a larger audience in countries which do not have much mobile internet penetration.

According to  Google Africa's blog it says, "Gmail SMS automatically forwards your emails as SMS text messages to your phone and you can respond by replying directly to the SMS.Users can control the emails through commands like More, Pause and Resume.  They can create new mails via SMS and send the same to any email address. This email will be automatically placed in the correct conversation thread.
This feature require a feature phone with basic voice and SMS features in order to make full use of this service. Users can activate this service by modifying the settings in their Gmail accounts and registering their phone numbers with Google.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Micromax launches solar phone X259

Micromax Informatics Limited has launched a 'green phone' X259. X250 comes with a built-in solar panel and allows users to charge their phones using solar energy. According to the company, the phone automatically gets charged through solar power on exposure to sunlight.
This is especially targeted at rural areas where there is shortage and frequent power cut.
 Micromax X259 features a 2.4 inch QVGA screen with a resolution of 240X320. This has expandable storage upto 4GB. The phone is powered with a 1000mAh Li-ion battery and facilitates dual SIM dual standby feature. The users can share images, videos, music with friends through the phone's Bluetooth connectivity. Micromax X259's multimedia features include audio and video player and FM radio with recording.
Micromax X259 Solar Phone is priced at Rs 2499 and will be available across all leading retail outlets across India. 
Now its time to get review from customer once it reaches to large mass of customer.if we just talk about innovation then it is really innovative idea which will overcome battery problem while we are on move and there is no option for electricity.
As for the solar panel, the manufacturer claims that the phone can be charged by exposure to sunlight, with three hours of charging resulting in 1.5 hours of talk time. Micromax is  not the first to try its  such a technology.  Nokia had  also started something similar earlier this year, only to kill the project before rolling it out commercially.  Samsung had gone so far as to commercially launch a solar-powered phone, called the Solar Guru (Guru E1107) in India over three years ago, but it is already disappeared from market. It time for Micromax to test how much they are capable to stand with this technology and evolve in days to come


HTC to provide Indian Langauge support to Andriod phones

HTC has announced that it has started rolling out a software update for its One series, Desire C and V smartphones. This software update will bring full language support for Hindi, Tamil and Marathi languages.Apart from these they have added Bengali script for which user can only view in Bengali script
Users will be able to read and write in Hindi, Tamil and Marathi through all messaging functions on HTC smartphones launched this year.

“HTC is committed to helping Indian consumers communicate easily through a more intuitive mobile experience, which can only be offered with full Indian language capability on their smartphones,” said Faisal Siddiqui, Country Manager, HTC India. “HTC continues to be the smartphone brand of choice for the India market due to our focus on what the consumer needs, and delivering that in an encompassing, holistic manner.”


Monday, July 2, 2012

How to type in Indian Langauge(Hindi/Bengala/Punjabi etc) in Windows XP/2000

In Indian we have 22 different Indian language, so in order to create a document on user native language is quite interesting. Here I am going to explain you how to make your computer enable to type in your own language.

For this Windows XP has provided a Language support which doesn't come as default on fresh installation of XP but if you are using Windows vista/Windows 7 this feature is installed by default .

For Windows XP we need to install Language Pack that comes with Windows Xp CD.

Steps for installations

1) Click on Start Control Panel
2) Click on Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options if your viewing in Category view
(If you are viewing in Classic view then click on Regional and Language option Click on Language tab)
3) Click on Add languages
4) Check the two check box
5) Press OK ,On pressing OK button it will look for windows XP CD
6) Place the CD on CD-ROM
7) It will automatically search for required file
8) Once it is get installed it will prompt for Restart for system.
9) After installation you will find a language bar floating on Task bar.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

IIT-Kanpur and Indian Railways Launch Real-Time Train Tracking On SMS

 IIT Kanpur and the Indian Railways have developed a real-time train information service, where a person can know the exact location of a train by sending an sms to a number.  According to railway ministry officials, the user has to type the train number and sms it to 09415139139 or 09664139139 to get the information.User has to just type train number and send to mentioned number.for eg. for train number 12302 user have just type 12302 in message and send to 09415139139 or 09664139139
Most intresting part of this service is that user need not to remember all those typical CODE for SMS and they have to just pay normal SMS charge which they pay normally for 10 digit numbers,They need not pay premium SMS charge.
As of now  this service is available for 36 pairs of trains  like Duronto, Rajdhani and Shatabdi. In next 18 months, rest of  trains are expected to be covered by the service. The Railways have earmarked Rs121 crore for the project, and plans to install a Rs 50,000 signal receiver on each train that will transmit its location.
The Railways have obtained clearance from India Space Research operation(ISRO) to operate the pilot system through satellite, and have asked permission for using satellite for other trains as well. CRIS, the technology arm of Railways, will sign an MoU with IIT-Kanpur shortly to execute the project.
According to Railways  that the trial run for the pilot project is complete and by the end of 2013, hopefully all mail and express trains will be covered by next 18 month.
Track Trains elsewhere
Apart from tracking train location on mobile via SMS, Indian Railways also launched a train tracking system on the web — in partnership with Apart from that, in March 2010, Indian Railways had announced a similar project called Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN), which aimed at providing real-time train tracking through GPS and mobile (GSM) technologies. This project was built in collaboration by Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO), Lucknow and IIT Kanpur. The project was made available to public on trial basis in October 2011 on select trains. Users could track train location either via their web portal or SMS.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Indian Railways Inquiry made Simpler with mobile.Dial *139#

Indian Railways has came with every attractive idea of Inquiry system based on USSD on mobile.Now user need not to remember all the SMS keywords for various queries like PNR, seat availability ,fare, arrival departure, spotting a train location etc.But this service is currently available with limited Mobile operator like Reliance, Uninor, Docomo and Vodafone. I have tested on Airtel this is not avlabile right now may be they might extend there service but don't worry here is few keyword SMS format that you can use to send SMS to 139 to get information if your operator doesn't support *139#(USSD mehtod).

1.Ticket status Enquiry:

eg: PNR 4341568666

2. Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry:

eg: AD 12012 011

3.  Accommodation availability:

eg: SEAT 12561 010712 0542 0571 SL G

4. Fare enquiry

SMS “FARE< DOJ**ddmmyy>***
eg: FARE 12561 230712 0542 0571 SL G

5. Time table:

eg: TIME 12561

6. Spot/ Locate train:

eg: SPOT 12561 or LOCATE 12561


Finally Internet Explorer 10 with DNT(Do not track) feature in Windows 8

Finally Microsoft has entered into two digit version of Internet Explorer.It has entered with into two digit version like other browser like Firefox,Google Chrome. Internet Explorer 10 is now out for Release Preview with Windows 8 on May 31,2012. One of prominent feature of IE 10 is default enabled DNT(Do not Track) feature that means your activity,location,personal data will not be sent to web server for any ads related advisement etc
Microsoft explains in Windows 8, IE10 sends a “Do Not Track” signal to Web sites by default. Consumers can change this default setting if they choose. This decision reflects our commitment to providing Windows customers an experience that is “private by default” in an era when so much user data is collected online. IE10 is the first browser to send a “Do Not Track” (DNT) signal by default.” With this signal, users of IE10 will be protected from websites that typically collect personal information throughout your use of the Internet to create personalized recommendations, shopping experiences, and even advertisements.
Not only has Microsoft declared that they are “broadening our commitment to providing consumers a great experience in Windows” with a web browser that protects consumers more than others.

Microsoft will be preventing Google from generating as much ad revenue from IE10 users, as Google can not personalize ads with behavioral targeting for these users, which is key in coercing users to click on the ads. 
With IE10, Microsoft is intending to both be creating a better browser than Google Chrome, and trying to squash Google’s entire business model by turning on “Do Not Track” by default. "DNT("Do not track feature") will be can't feature of Google because this will override the Google Account 
Can Microsoft really stop Google Revenue by implementing DNT(Do not Track ) feature in its new browser in Win 8 as default configuration.Will this help Microsoft to reduce Google Absence Revenue 


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Get Windows 8 for just Rs. 699

If you buy a qualified Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013, you may purchase a download of Windows 8 Pro at a special promotional price that varies by region.
Eligible PCs are new PCs purchased during the promotion period with a valid Windows 7 OEM Certificate of Authenticity and product key for, and preinstalled with:
Windows 7 Home Basic;
Windows 7 Home Premium;
Windows 7 Professional; or
Windows 7 Ultimate
Note: Windows 7 Starter Edition is not eligible for this offer.
This upgrade offer allows you to purchase a downloadable version of Windows 8 Pro using the Windows Upgrade Assistant.
For more information on taking advantage of the Windows Upgrade Offer, visit


Convert your old HD Television to amazing 3D TV

This 3D Converter promises to convert your existing television programs into full 3D, using some clever tech trickery and blue/amber glasses. You plug one end of the small unit into your television using HDMI and the other end into your satellite receiver or cable box if you have them. Switch on and select the type and strength of 3D effect you want and  tune to a standard program.
This device come with remote control and  two sets of glasses
This device comes for $69. According to feedback from tester it shows  3D interpolation to the on-screen TV but some times color fades.Overall it gives 3D experience in cheap cost and helps to upgrade your HD television


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wireless Mobile-to-PC Photo Sharing apps(Bump)

When someone want to share photo from Mobile to PC from a Android Phone then he/she may require a PC cable. But here is a new innovation where you need not require any data cable .Using you can able to transfer picture from mobile to PC using browser.All you need a BUMP apps for respective iPhone or Android phone.The iPhone and Android Bump app is available as a free download from the iOS App Store and Google Play marketplace. Just install that apps and open the link now select the picture and Tap the space bar with your phone and confirm.Once the photos appear in the browser they can be downloaded to your hard drive or directly shared on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.This is as simple as as email.Try it now on your iPhone/Android mobile. Do post your Feedback.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soon Domain names(Web Addresses) in Indian 22 Indian language

Imagine you are typing a URL like भारत.भारत or भारत.in or you have got a domain name which is in your language say HINDI or BANGLA or MARATHI etc.This sound very interesting to have domain name as the same as what we talk in our Typical regional language. As of now Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is  International non-profit body that oversees allocation of domain names globally. (ICANN) has allowed India to register website addresses in as many as seven regional languages (Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali and Telugu). 

As of now Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has allowed India to register website addresses in as many as seven regional languages (Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali and Telegu). 
But there are various challenging task in INDIAN language in terms of complex script and diffrent varient of writing in Indian Language. just for example if you want to type Anand you have two variation आनंद and आनन्द such variation need to analyse.
Once the Indian langauge domain name start rolling out in full swing net user can register their website addresses in Indian script.

Indian script are not so easy as English for sigle word in HINDI it can be written in diffrenet format.There should be a guideline which will decide which form of spelling is correct or standard among diffrent variation.
Right now NIXI is conducting test to make sure the script work perfectly.Once the Indian language domain name start rolling out in full swing net user can register their website addresses in Indian script.As of now Research and policy formulation and designing a final standard for all 22 Indian language are in pipeline.
If you want to view a example of this visit this link http://सीडैक.com If you can't view on clicking just copy and paste on your URL preferably Internet Explorer.In some browser you will found some code type URL after clicking above mentioned URL like this is technically called Punycode which ultimately decide the domain name and resolve hosting IP. If your IE browser show punny code once you send request after typing in HINDI then you need to set Language preference in Browser. To set language Preference just goto open IE>Goto Tools> Internet Option>Under general tab on the bottom there is button called Language Click language button , on click there will be a dialog widow which will prompt you to select Language by default English is selected you need to add HINDI into that list .Once done with this step close the browser and re-open it and type the above mention URL in HINDI

Well for most of netizens this may not really matter but this could mean a lot in boosting internet to common man.According to me if you talk about look term result for this effort it would sure lead to few things that is 
1)Increase in branded Regional Content,this would make much more appelating to people. This willl help to target business to particular community or particalar region
2) Help to easy Recall for a website to some level
3) Boot Internet usage to common man in INDIA and let them udersatnd IT in their own langauge. This will help to easily commnuiate and spread message to common man in their langauge

 What's your opinion toward this and long term result


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forget Attachment -Its time for Google Drive:Keep Everything Share Anything.

Today in Internet world there are lot lot many option for storing online and sharing . This lead to promote Cloud computing feature.Gone are those day when we have to restrict our file to email attachment with size limitation. But now Google has start new produce called Google drive ,It is providing Free 5GB storage for storing your document. Store your word file, Office Presentation,Photos,video. Forget file too big just share file using Google drive.Just store your file on Google drive and access from across the globe just with internet.
Google Drive: Keep Everything  Share Anything.

All you need is just a Google account just log into your Google account and that all and start using. In some case you might be in waiting list to get this service. Once Google approve you for using this drive you will get the confirmation mail that Google Drive has been activated.Visit now and grab your FREE 5 GB Google Drive