Friday, September 28, 2012

Trick to export Google Product data form GOOGLE account

Have you ever thought when you register a website then you enter few detail and in mean time as you start using that Portal you start using it different product. While using different product there is exchange of data from user. Now suppose user wants to leave the product and want to take aways this data then there should be option to take data out.

Google has one of innovative idea to take away all your data from different Google product in case you want to leave Google or export it to some other place or reuse data then Google has its product call TAKE out
Visit login using existing account ,select  the Google product who's data you want to take out. This feature is powered by Data Liberation Front.

The Data Liberation Front is an engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products. They do this because they believe that we should be able to export any data that we create in (or import into) a product.  We help and consult other engineering teams within Google on how to "liberate" their products.  This is our mission statement:

People usually don't look to see if they can get their data out of a product until they decide one day that they want to leave.  For this reason, we always encourage people to ask these three questions before starting to use a product that will store their data:
There shouldn't be an additional charge to export your data. Beyond that, if it takes you many hours to get your data out.


Friday, September 21, 2012

BSNL landline launched Video calling .Now convert PCOs to VCOs(Video Call Offices)

BSNL, in partnership with SIS Infosystems,  launched telephones with video calling facility which will primarily be used to set up public Video Call Offices by replacing many of the PCOs.

"We will convert existing Public Call Offices (PCOs) to VCOs with these phones. People will be able to make voice calls to any phone and video calls to any other IP (internet based) phone," BSNL Chairman and Managing Director R K Upadhyay told reporters here.
Accordng to him most of the revenue of BSNL comes from landline phones and this new services is one of the initiative to increase company's revenue.
There will be no need to use computers for making video calls for user of these video phones
BSNL will charge Rs 3 for 45 second video call made from VCO which will include 30 per cent commission for the franchise owner.
BSNL will provide various categories of VCO franchisees based on the services that a franchisee owners wants to provide.
for tariff for Voice and Video Over Broadband click here
Around 770 PCOs have confirmed to shift their business to VCOs and the target is to have 10,000 VCOs set-up across the country.
The service was inaugurated by Advisor to Prime Minister Sam Pitroda who stressed on the use of video phones to reach rural masses.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Free Missed Call Alert service from BSNL

BSNL is providing free missed call alert service.But there is some small manual configuration to be down.All you need to do call Divert settings and divert all your calls when out of reach to the number 17010.

Now onwards when your mobile is switched off  or out of coverage area  some body tries to call you, you will get an SMS  alert which contains detailed information about the time of call and the number of attempts the person made to call you.

Just activate this service free of cost if you are on BSNL. For more details call 1503 this will connect you to customer care of respective region from where you are making call  from your BSNL mobile.


Internet usage by a INDIAN are PLANNED not Spontaneous

According to Microsoft advertising it has done a survey for Internet usage of a INDIAN  here is some of finding.Most of Indian use INTERNET as PLANNED way

1)  49% to communicate with others
2)  35% seek information
3)  22% for  entertainment for  music, video and gaming
4)14% to create content in the digital space
5) 12 % online transactions
Below image show Info graphic. for more visit this link


No ISD service to PREPAID MOBILE number in INDIA

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India regualtion (TRAI) has issued this directive in wake of  complaints from consumers about missed calls from international telephone numbers which are often premium numbers charging high tariff, prompting the consumers to make call to such numbers.TRAI has asked to de-activate the international calling facility in prepaid numbers and restore it only after a subscriber gives his explicit consent to avail this facility.
TRAI said it has also been receiving complaints from consumers about receiving calls and SMSes from international numbers informing them about winning of prizes or lottery and prompting consumers to call a particular number to claim the prize or lottery money.
 According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India regualtion it says to inform all pre-paid subscribers having ISD facility, through SMS, within 10 days of the date of issue of this direction, that ISD facility of the subscribers shall be discontinued after sixty days,"
If subscribers want to continue with ISD facility, they should give their explicit consent for availing such facility within 60 days of the receipt of the SMS,from there operator

The regulator has asked telecom operators to inform subscribers through SMS, within 10 days of the direction, that pre-paid cellular mobile telephone service consumers need not respond to all missed calls from unknown international numbers or calls about winning prizes or lottery.