Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google Cloud Printing : A alernative for FAX machine

Google has came with innovative idea of sharing printer Online that means you printer your document from your friends computer which has printer connected with it. In normal scenario If you have a printer attached to your computer, you can turn on the printer sharing option and anyone on the home network would then be able to send print jobs to that local printer. All you need to ensure is that your (host) computer is always turned on and also connected to the local network. But in this case there is nothing like that you need not have install any other device driver or any software.Your friend in Delhi can print a page using your computer which is located in Kolkata. Your friend who has printer connected to his system has to share his printer using email ID and everything will be done on Internet network.Most important all you need to have a Google Chrome to detect your printer install on your system and add to your cloud print profile. This printing technology is pretty much an alternative to traditional FAX machine and it is cheaper also.If you want any official document to be printed from long distance then you need to just share your printer and ask the user to visit to their Google cloud print account to upload the content and it will be get printed in next minute.You can even send your printing request from your mobile by uploading content to Google cloud print. This Mobile printing is one of best to experience.Suppose you have clicked a snap and you want to share with your friend and family and you don't want to wait until you download on to computer and a photo and take print,just send this photo to your friends and family printer using Google cloud print
Step - Sharing your Printer on the Internet
Assuming that the printer to connected to your computer, here’s how you may share it friends
A: Connect your printer to Cloud Print
1. Open Google Chrome, choose Tools –> Options (or Preferences) –> Under the Hood and sign-in to Google Cloud Print.
2. Choose “Finish printer registration” and all printers attached to your computer can then be accessed over the Internet through Google Cloud Print.
B: Share your printer with friends
3. Click “Manage your Printers”, select the Printers option and then highlight the Printer name that you would like to share with the outside world.
4. Click the Share button, type the email addresses of your friends and Share. It is as easy as sharing a Google Docs document with someone in read-only mode. C: How others can send print jobs?
5. Your friend, with whom you have shared the print, should log on to using their Google Account and accept the “shared printer.”
6. Next they hit the big “Print” button on the Cloud Print website, upload a file and print using the shared printer. That’s it.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now, picture password to protect your online account!

Find it difficult to remember your password? Here's some good news -- researchers claim to have developed picture password for your online account, which will also help protect against hacking. An international team says that it's actually a new kind of login which relies on the fallibility of human memory to prevent phishing attempts at stealing one's account details, the 'New Scientist' reported. The researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have, in fact, come up with a system, called PhorceField, that makes it almost impossible to login without viewing the correct images. PhorceField asks users to create a graphical password by choosing four images in a particular order from a set of twelve -- you might choose pictures of a loaf of bread, a candle flame, and two more, for example. These images are stored in a secret file on computer that only the legitimate website can access. When one logins, one simply remembers which images to click on among a set of others that aren't part of one's password. A phisher who wants to trick you into giving up your PhorceField password knows nothing about the secret images, and so must present one with a huge number of possibilities in the hope of getting the right set of pictures. This means that one will struggle to identify the correct ones -- one might remember that the password includes a loaf of bread, but was it round or oblong? A close shot, or taken at a distance? Eventually, after a number of failed logins, you will just give up and leave the phishing site without ever having revealed your password, say the researchers. The researchers tested PhorceField on 23 users and found that 76 per cent failed to reveal even a single image from their password during a phishing attempt, and none revealed the entire password -- for once, being forgetful pays off. They will present their work at the Annual Computer Security Applications conference in Orlando, Florida, next month. Courtesy: ZeeNews


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Please make your donation with any amount for UNICEF INDIA

UNICEF has been working in India since 1949. The largest UN organization in the country, UNICEF is fully committed to working with the Government of India to ensure that each child born in this vast and complex country gets the best start in life, thrives and develops to his or her full potential. The challenge is enormous but UNICEF is well placed to meet it. The organization uses quality research and data to understand issues, implements new and innovative interventions that address the situation of children, and works with partners to bring those innovations to fruitition. I would like request you to please make generous donation with any amount at this link Feel free to donate any amount if you feel any problem in donation please leave your comments. Small donation from you will make big difference. What makes UNICEF unique in India is its network of 13 state offices. These enable the organisation to focus attention on the poorest and most disadvantaged communities, alongside its work at the national level.