Monday, January 28, 2013

Book your Meal of your choice on Indian Railways Online using

People  who travel offen  in long-distance passenger trains and fed up with train pantry food service and its menu here is option which will have option to book your food of your  form list of menu you prefer. If you' want that  the convenience of home delivery food then here is the solution provided by
here user can  place orders by phone, or their website. The Phone service  service is available only between 9 am – 10 pm but you can place an order online instead.
This is a statup effort by  Pushpinder Singh who started this innovative idea to deliver food on Train.Pushpinder has graduated with a Masters in Science Degree in Computer Science from BITS- Pilani and B.Tech from IIT-BHU.

Process for Booking Online
For booking meals, you can either use your train details, or your PNR . The listing gives you details regarding source of the meal, time of the train's arrival at a particular station, services available, and meal prices. These services include in-train deliveries as well as on platform service, depending on the place you pick from. If you have filled source and destination of your journey then list of train will populates which is having this service,select the train from list and then list of Restaurant on various stops will be displayed. Select Restaurant of the stoppage and view it menu Once you place the order, fill in your details and get the order number, which can be used to track progress of your order.

You can pay on COD(cash of Delivery ) so there is no need to worry about you money. Here I want to add that there is no option for cancellation of order
you need to  either  call up the listed number +918800138811 or  request a call back else you can write a mail to but this has to be done at least an hour before its delivery (or the arrival of the train for which the delivery is scheduled)

At a Glance Feature

1) Get food of your choice according to menu
2) Get food on particluar time at particular station.
3)Food is delevery by various local vendor/Restaurent of that city or IRCTC
4) Online booking /Phone booking (+918800138811)
5) Since it is in startup phase it is increaseing its network.Currently they claim to cover more than 2000 train over 40 cities
6) Some food vendor/Restaurent in some location have some fixed minimum amount (say Rs 500 or 150 ) for order
7) Cost of food is somewhat costlier than than normal Pantry serice but having good menu
8)Order will be taken till one hour before the scheduled arrival at the given station or till the time allowed by the particular restaurant.
9) Delivery timings are 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM only
10) Call centre timings are 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM only


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things you should Know about FACEBOOK GRAPH SEARCH

Facts about Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has launched Graph Search. It is  new search tool that uses social data to provide you with the best possible answers to your queries. I have tried to list of  things you need to know about Facebook Graph Search.


1. What Facebook search can do?
Facebook Graph Search is a new social search tool aimed at making it easier for users to find people, photos, places, interests. You can look for people who live in the same city as you or like your favorite cuisine. Similarly, you can ask for reviews of a movie or a restaurant that you are thinking of checking out and lots more with this feature.

All you need to do is to type the specific question in the big search bar on top of a Facebook page. You can even improve queries with 'Refine This Search' box, placed on the side of the search bar.

2. What to search?
With Facebook Graph Search, you can ask specific questions about your friends, such as 'my friends who like The Beatles' or places your friends 'like'. Not only this, you can be even more specific while asking questions, for example 'my friends in New Delhi, who like trekking'.
Graph Search will dig out the best photos of your friends, based on the most number of likes and comments they get.
3. Availability of Facebook graph search
Currently, Facebook Graph Search is in early stage of beta testing development  It will initially be available for only a few thousand users in the US. However, you can sign up for Graph Search beta testing at even if it is not available in your region and join the waiting list
4. Device on which this search is available
As of now, the new search feature by Facebook is not available on mobile devices and is limited to desktops only.
5. This is not Web search
Facebook search is not a WEB search .Facebook Graph search with only search Facebook social data server.
6.What are my searchable  Facebook data?
 Only data that is marked Public is searchable
 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg stressed that only the data you share with the world will be included while computing Graph Search results. Therefore, if you have made a certain photograph available to friends of your friends, then they may find it in the result upon making a specific query, even though you are not directly connected. Same goes for pages you have liked, places you were tagged at and movies you saw, events you went to etc.
However, Facebook will not take into account status updates while computing Graph Search results.

7. No change in Privacy setting for user
 Graph Search does not change your current privacy settings in any manner. People can only search for content that has been shared by you.
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Locate your Flight in Real

Flightradar24 shows live air traffic from around the world. The primary technology they use to receive flight information is called automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B). 
Flightradar24 has a network of about 500 ADS-B receivers across the world that receives plane and flight information from aircraft  and sends this information to a flightradar24 server, and then displays this information on a map on Flightradar24. Only aircraft with an ADS-B transponder, within the coverage area of the 500 receivers are visible.
Flightradar24 only have coverage in areas where someone has installed an ADS-B receiver and feeds his/her data into Flightradar24. If there are no connected ABS-B receivers in an area, then there is no coverage in that area.

In addition to ADS-B data, we also display data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This data provides full coverage of the airspace above the United States and Canada.
Flightradar24 covers about 90% of Europe. There is also some coverage in USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Middle East, Japan ,India and rest of world

Flightradar24 relies on volunteers around the world for the majority of our coverage. Find out how you can contribute.
Basic data flow in Flightradar24

Aircraft gets its location from a GPS navigation source (satellite)=>ADS-B unit on aircraft transmits signal containing about the location (and much and more)=>ADS-B signal is picked up by a receiver connected to Flightradar24 =>Receiver feeds data to Flightradar24

Today, roughly 60% of all passenger aircraft (70% in Europe, 30% in the US) are equipped with an ADS-B transponder. This percentage is steadily increasing as ADS-B is set to replace radar as the primary surveillance method for controlling aircraft.
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