Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Indian National anthem on 27th December 1911, Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped in Mumbai, brought out a Universal design version of the Indian National anthem. This version of the Indian National anthem has features of Universal design, such as audio description for the Blind Persons, Indian Sign Language & Captions for the Deaf Persons. Captions are available in 14 Indian Languages and English Language.
    Indian National anthem is the honor  and pride of our country. Expression of patriotism with dignity is increased in this version of Indian National Anthem through accessibility format. The certification from censor board of film certification (CBFC) has been obtained for Universal & Educational viewing of this version of Indian National Anthem. Special Schools and organizations for the Deaf and Cinema theatres in the country could enable equal participation for all by screening this version of Indian National Anthem. It is also available in DVD format at the Indian Sign Language Cell of the Institute. The same has been made available in the website of the institute using the YouTube.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WinToFlash -- Make Bootable USB Installers for Windows

What is WinToFlash
There may come a day that optical drives are as hard to find as 5.25 floppy drives are today.
WinToFlash starts a wizard that will help pull over the contents of a windows installation CD or DVD and prep the USB drive to become a bootable replacement for the optical drive. It can also do this with your LiveCD.
You don't have to worry about scratches on the disc or misplacing your original media discs once you transfer their contents to the flash drive. The optical drive is quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially in office environments, as media is shifted to the cloud.
WinToFlash is a free and easy to use application that does something very useful: it helps you create a bootable USB installer for your Windows operating system. It basically takes your Windows installation disk and ports it to an USB stick.
Additional information on WinToFlash is available here.
The problem with having a Windows installation disk on a CD or DVD is that the aforementioned CD or DVD could get damaged. You could crack the disk or you could scratch it badly, thus making it unusable. Another problem is that it can be a bother to walk around with a CD or DVD in your pocket – especially when you take into consideration the fact that instead of a cumbersome CD or DVD, you could walk around with a tiny USB drive (or USB stick or Flash drive or whatever else you want to call it).


It is a lot more convenient to walk around with an USB installer for Windows instead of a CD or DVD. USB sticks are easier to carry around and they don’t get scratches on them which make them unusable. Those two facts alone are reason enough for me to want to ditch a Windows CD or DVD and move to an USB stick instead.

There is a very simple way to do so: get the right piece of software and you can easily turn a Windows CD or DVD to an USB installer. That “right piece of software” is the Novicorp-developed and appropriately named WinToFlash. What this application does is it takes the contents of a Windows installation CD or DVD and moves them to an USB stick, turning that stick into a bootable USB installer for Windows. So instead of using a CD or DVD to install the Microsoft-developed Windows operating system, you can use the USB stick instead.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Portable Antivirus by Microsoft

If you computer is infected with Virus and you are fed of problem creating with virus and you don't want to spend buying Antivirus then here is best solution by Microsoft.

This Antivirus is Portable in nature that means you need not to install,You can carry in your pen drive and you can scan as when needed.
You should check out Microsoft Safety Scanner. This is a free antivirus software, always updated with the latest definitions, and requires no installation - all you need to do is copy the program executable msert.exe to an infected computer and double-click that file. If it detects a problem, the infected files will be quarantined.The program expires after 10 days but you can always re-download it with the updated virus definitions.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is available as a free download for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows. You may use on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 machines and, unlike Microsoft’s other antivirus software, Safety Scanner doesn’t perform a check for genuine Windows.