Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DrawBraille SmartPhone for Blind

Today when everyone is in rush of buying better smartphone from each other ,a new concept has came for BLIND people to have a SMART phone . This  concept design by Shikun Sun, an industrial design student at Sheffield Hallam University in England, the visually impaired could be included in this trend. The DrawBraille Mobile Phone is a cell phone that uses a braille board and finger pads that allow the blind to communicate efficiently.This design includes a book reader, text messaging, email, and even music capabilities
The DrawBraille Mobile Phone  comprised of 35 braille buttons in five rows. Since the main keyboard cannot hold the entire braille text, there are also raised “scroll up” and “scroll down” buttons for more options. The second ece is similar to the touch screen on many smart phones, but with a unique raised surface for information input. The user can tap and drag and even create their own shortcuts and words through a combination of commands.

This phone’s battery life can be measured on its side, with 5 raised dots each representing 20% of its juice that retract once their percentage is used up. I don't have any  news on the production of this super smart braille phone till now. Hope this will boon for visually impaired people


Monday, April 29, 2013

Create Alias email ID to fight against SPAM mail in YAHOO and HOTMAIL/OUTLOOK

Sometime we are compelled to give our email to someone we aren't eager to get any emails as junk. So also when taking part in a gift coupon scheme or while registering with websites. Usually, this leads to our inbox getting spammed. An alias email ID solves the problem.

 In Outlook, there is no need to create a new ID if you have a Hotmail, Live or MSN ID since they work on 1) Outlook. But if you want to create an Outlook alias,
2) Click on 'gear' on top right
3) Go to 'More mail settings'
 Under 'Managing your account', go to 'Your email accounts'. You will see an option 'Create an Outlook alias'.

A new folder for the alias ID will be created. Since the alias ID resides within the primary one, you can't login with it. You can send email from an alias ID, 10 of which can be created per year.

Creating one in Yahoo Mail
1)  Click on 'gear' on top right, go to 'Mail options'
2) Click on 'Disposable addresses'.
3) Create a 'base name', which is common to all disposable addresses, which are created by adding keywords. Like in Outlook, a folder for the disposable address can be created. Keywords and base name can be deleted easily.

Unfortunately Google Gmail service doesn't have such feature to create email Alias 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Indian Postal Department started Mobile Money Transfer Service (MMTS) using Cellphone

DOP money remittance is a mobile application that enables us with immediate money transfer from one place to another place using mobile, through Indian post offices. The process for money transfer is very simple to understand and follow. For this initiative, India's oldest and largest communication service provider (CSP), BSNL will provide mobile connections to DOP’s designated officials and BSNL will bring Global technology for Mobile Money Transfer.Currently this service is available in limited state under few Post Office.to check the availablity of the service in your post office just visit http://dopmobile.in and search using your state with PIN code or Post office name.

DOP Mobile Money Transfer is a service that enables instant money transfer from one place to another place using mobile, through Indian post offices. The consumer just needs to have a mobile while the actual transmission of the money is initiated by the Postal Assistant, using his/her special handset. The process for money transfer is very simple to understand and follow. The remitter (sender) can submit money (Cash In) at any of the covered post office and automatically, the amount is transferred to a central position, which can be collected by recipient customer (Cash Out) from any of the covered Post offices. As soon as the Cash in happens, both the sender and the recipient get a SMS on their mobile phones. The sender gets a Transaction ID and a Six (6) digit secret code in the SMS while the Recipient only gets the Transaction ID. Recipient can claim the money from any of the covered Post Offices by showing the Transaction ID that he receives on his mobile in the SMS and the Secret code, which he gets from the sender. In order to make process smooth and convenient, a notification sms is being sent to remitter as well as to recipient regarding transaction irrespective of their telecom operator.

For this initiative, India's pioneer and largest communication service provider (CSP), BSNL will provide mobile connections to DOP’s designated officials and BSNL will bring Global technology for Mobile Money Transfer. Each Post office shall be provided with a mobile handset with pre loaded application by BSNL’s technology partner M/s Maverick Mobile Solutions.
Point to Remember

1) As soon as the recipient receives a notification sms with transaction Id and secret code from the sender, he/she can collect money at destination post office.

2) You can go to any covered post office for Cash Out. It is not necessary to go to a particular post office. All you need to have is the Transaction ID and the Secret Code

3) No limit on the number of transactions. However the minimum amount is 1,000 rupees while the maximum is 10,000 rupees.
Transaction Charge Applied:
Slab                                   Fee(Rs.)                           Tax(Rs.)
1000-1500                          40                                         5
15001-5000                        70                                         9
5001-10000                        100                                     12

4) The sender must inform to the Cash In postal assistant regarding this so that he/ she will resend the same.

5) The recipient must collect money within 14 days of transaction.

6)In case the recipient does not Cash Out the amount within 14 days, the amount is sent back to the sender and a ‘Cash In reversal’ SMS with new transaction-id will be sent to remitter. The remitter can withdraw money within 7 days (prescribed) after this SMS.


Friday, April 12, 2013

How to send Self-destructing emails ?

Here are three self destruction email method which will help you to send email which will get destroyed/deleted after particular time limit deleted once they read it.

This is an easy-to-use service which actually gives you a URL for the whatever message you have typed. And once the URL is opened for the first time, it gets invalidated and no one can again use it. And this service promises that the message is deleted from their servers too, which makes it a trust worthy service.

It's a pretty interesting concept on which it works. All you are supposed to do is go the website, type in the content that you wish to share, and click on Create Note button. Once done, it would give you a link which can be used in your email. The reader would click on this URL to read the message and once he/she reads it, the URL will get expired.

Self Destructing Message
This service lets you send mails anonymously as well as generate links for the messages. Then you need to click on the drop down and choose the seconds (number of seconds till which the reader can have the message open), type your message and click on Create Message button. Your self-destructing message is now ready


What will happen to our EMAIL/Facebook status after our Death ?

What will happen Ever since the death your e-mail ,address book ,  Facebook status and other information ?  Well-known software company, Google has decided to solve this problem now.
They either can be assigned to any of your special friend or relative, or keeping their privacy,  or they can be deleted.everything depends on your preference.
The software giant Google will now allow users to that the fact that she/he can decide what to do after the death of their personal information. They either a special friend, relative, or may be assigned to him may also be deleted.The service is found in users’ account settings page. It allows users to choose whether to have their data deleted or made available to specified trusted contacts.Called the Inactive Account Manager, the service offers users of Google’s Gmail, Drive, Google+, Picasa and other Google service an easy-to-use template that specifies what should happen in the event they die or become inactive for a specified period of time.

Click on this link  you will be redirected to Google Inactive account setting where you can set your Preference once account get inactive.
Following are the action you can perform
1)You can share your Google account data once it is inactive
2) Add up to 10 trusted friends or family members with your customize message who should be notified that your account is inactive , and you can also share Drive, Gmail, YouTube and/or some other data for 3 months with them if you like.
3) Transfer your Google account to other
4) You can delete your Google Account data(All you Google products (such as Gmail, YouTube videos, Google+ posts, ect.) data will be deleted )

 If you want to get have a break from Internet presence and want to take a break for some time, these options are possible for you. Yes, just the thing to keep in mind that this feature is currently only to Google.
All over the world , click Internet use by those who had expressed concern about this.

It is decided that after Google. Google said in a statement issued on behalf of, "We hope this new feature you you click digital life planning will help. This is a confidential and secure it to your loved ones ease will. "
Google is headquartered in California, U.S.. Company, YouTube, and Picasa photo editing software that operates the blog spot.

Google says its users information can be deleted after three, six, nine or 12 months can get depend on user wish.
Facebook is also in mood to implement same method in near future


Mobile phone is now 40 years old

Martin Cooper (Founder of cell phone)
Mobile phone that connects the whole world is now 40 years old. At that time a small company engineer Martin Cooper of Motorola mobile phone, April 3 1973 made this dream come true

Martin thus became the first person to call from a mobile phone. Commercial point of view, however, took 10 years to become practical mobile phone.

The sheer simplicity of the journey that began with mobile phone watch - watch Arbhon have changed people's lives.

He demonstrated by first Motorola mobile phone in New York and Washington have proved that it is possible to keep personal mobile phone.

Martin said that the mobile phone can prove to be quite beneficial for humanity. He said, "If a person is connected with the rest of the world can be so many things. For me the most exciting medical revolution, because today we have the ability to find out about their bodies. "

In response to a question, he said the mobile service provider companies focus on speed rather than network coverage. Such techniques are available today that can provide reliable coverage and can increase system capacity, but the slow pace of adoption.