Sunday, August 31, 2014

Understand the Mobile data Speed : 2G ,G,H,E,3G and so on....

Have you ever noticed a ICON on Top of your mobile phone when you are browsing internet over smartphone or any feature phone that has internet connectivity. Based on your phone specification you have various symbol like G ,2G,3G ,H etc. Now let understand what this symbol actually means

ICON Standard Full Form Max Download Speed ( Theoretical Limit Only)  Max Upload Speed(Theoretical Limit Only)
2G GSM Global System for mobile Communication 14.4Kbits/s 14.4Kbits/s
G GPRS Genral Packet Radio Service 53.6 Kbits/s 26.8 Kbits/s
E EDGE Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution 217.6 Kbits/s 108.8 kbits/s
3G UTMS Univeral Mobile Telecommunication System 384 Kbits/s 128 Kbits/s
H HSPA High-Speed Packet Access 7.2 Mbits/s 3.6Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 6 14.4 Mbits/s 5.76 Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 7  21.1 Mbits/s or 28.0Mbit/s 11.5 Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 8  42.2 Mbits/s 11.5 Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 9 84.4 Mbits/s 11.5 Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 10 168.8 Mbits/s 23.0 Mbits/s
4G LTE Long Term Evolution 100 Mbits/s 50 Mbits/s
4G LTE-A Long Term Evolution- Advanced 1Gbits/s 500 Mbits/s


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

.BHARAT domain now on Internet

If you are using Internet and your English is not so good then here is better option for you .Now you can type URL in Indian language that is Devanagari
Today the government has started  .bharat the Indian language domain.Now those who use the Internet in Hindi they can type URL of the website will be able to write in Hindi, which will be registered with .BHARAT.
Communications and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today introduced .BHARAT domain. The initiative carried out by the National Internet Exchange of India, who have designed the entire program.
The important thing with this domain  which is written in Devanagari will be in othe language like , Bodo, Dogri, Konkani, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali and Sindhi languages ​​in near future
Lets have a sample of this  For instance  सीडैक.भारत


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spice to Launch its Cheapest ever Smartphone with Firefox OS

Spice Telecom, Indian retailer Limited has announced the first smartphone operating system Firefox, whose name is Spice Mi-FX1 Firefox fire. The phone will launch officially on August 29 Spice  has marked its price at Rs 2,299.
  Spice  is targeting the user who can't buy smartphone because of high budget. This device is a great gift for them to take the Larger Than Life smartphone at the price they do not think.

This Firefox phone operating system in the phone will be equipped with better technology email, messaging, call the facility and would like the camera. 2G SIM connectivity with Dual SIM .This will be the smartphone. Megapixel 2 rear camera and front camera of this phone will Megapixel 1.3. The phone will display with touch with captivity with size of 8.89 cm.