Friday, July 29, 2011

E-filing of I-T returns for INDIAN government Income TAX Department: It's so simple!

You have just three more days to file your income-tax returns. If you want to do it without much bother, you should consider e-filing. It's simple if you take care of a few things.
You need to go to the website and download the relevant returns form (ITR 1 to 7) based on your sources of income. For instance, if your only sources of income are salary/pension, interest income and income/loss from one house property, then you can use ITR 1. The website explains who should use which.
Select the Excel version of the form. Very importantly, enable Macros in the form. People often fail to do that because the 'Enable Macros' messaging is not very clear on the website/form. A help file that gets downloaded with the Excel form explains how to enable Macros. If Macros are not enabled, many of the required fields in the form do not perform their required functions.
Read the other instructions on the website and fill up all the mandatory fields in all the forms. Particularly ensure that you have written your PAN number correctly. Pressing the `Calculate Tax' button on the form tells you how much tax you need to pay or how much you need to be refunded (you don't need to know anything about tax rates).

If you have taxes to pay, then these can be paid online through the website. Once that's done, details of the counterfoil of the tax paid challan must be entered in the Excel form that you downloaded.

Pressing the `Validate' button on top of each form tells you whether you have filled up the forms correctly. Once validated, press the `Generate XML' button on the top right of the form, and an XML version of the form gets created on your PC.

Now go once again to the e-filing website, and choose the assessment year for which you are filing (it will be AY 11-12, if you are filing for financial year 2010-11). You will be asked to register yourself, which again is a simple process. Once registered, use your login and password to login again, you will be asked to upload the XML file. The moment you upload and send it, you will have access to an ITR-V form, which is the acknowledgement form. You need to take a print out of this on a laser printer (so that the barcode on it is printed properly), you need to sign it and then send it to the Centralized Processing Center (address provided on website) by ordinary post within 120 days.

"e-filing is one of the best things to have happened," says Sunil Birla, partner in chartered accountancy firm BDO India. "You can do everything from home. No running around to income tax offices. It's possible to complete the entire process in 10-12 minutes. In our firm, what took 15 people to do now takes just 3 people."
If you file online, tax refunds will also happen much faster (within three months) than if you file paper returns. But for refunds, ensure that you fill up your address, email id and bank account details accurately. As per data provided by the Centralized Processing Center that is managed jointly by the I-T department and Infosys Technologies, more than 4.28 lakh refunds for assessment years 2009-10 and 2010-11 have not happened because of wrong address or bank account details.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to set mutiple Homepage and open homepage in tabs of browser

We might have seen a default homepage of browser when we open a browser ,but have you ever relaise that we can open mutiple homepage to save our time and effort in typing URL.It is very simple
For Internet explorer 7 and 8
1) Open your IE
2) Goto tool menu then click on Internet option
3) On the General tab goto Homepage section
4) Type the diffrenet URL you want to open in diffrenet line as shown in picture
5) Till now you set the diffrenet homepage now you have to set your homepage in
Tab browsing.

6) Goto the Tabs under general Tab click on setting
7) Select the option in dropdown as "Your First homepage" This means that the
URL which is on top of the list will open as Homepage for tabs. In my example it will
open (see image Internet Explorer)
For Firefox 3.0 to 5.0

1) Open Firefox
2) Goto Tools menu select option a dialog boz with diffrenet option will open
3) Under General tab type the diffrenet URL that you want to open as homepage
seperated by | (pipe sign)
4) click OK

Now your diffrenet URL has been set as HOMEPAGE , when you will open your
firefox it will show open all the URL that you have mentioned on homepage.
next we need to set Homepage in tabs for that there is small add-on for Firefox. click
here to install that add-on . Once you have installed that add-on then when you
open a new tab then your homepage that is first in the list will open. In my example
it will open (see image for firefox)


Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Create Fillable form PDF using Open office

To create a PDF Form you will need OpenOffice. As far as I know Microsoft Office doesn’t support PDF export. You can easily get the OpenOffice suite here:

Open now OpenOffice Writer which is similar to MS Word of microsoft . You can now handle this page as you usually do as any other written document. But your question surely is: How do I insert form controls/fields?
To insert Form controls and fields go on View -> Toolbars -> Form Controls .This will show you a toolbar with plenty of useful form stuff such as Labels, Text Boxes, Check Boxes, etc…
In this toolbar you will also find another useful button, More Controls which allows you to insert even more controls.
Inserting form controls in your page should not be a problem. Just find a layout you like. You can treat this elements exactly as any other element like an image, a paragraph or whatever. With a right click on the object you can modify its properties. Really intresting are the “Control…” and “Data…” entries which allow you to set advanced properties of your newly creted object.
Once you have created your form it’s time to create the PDF file. You can click on the “Export directly as PDF” button directly from OpenOffice’s standard bar or either go on File->Export as PDF and select some more advanced options.
There you are! Now you have your PDF Form. You can fill it and print it obtaining a really standard piece of paper, useful if you have to collect lots of the same information from many people.This type of pdf form is usually used on internet by end user to fill it over computer and take print out and submit the form.
Please note that you PDF module won’t be saveable. You can just have to fill it in and take a print in order not to loose their work!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Know more about your PAN(Permanent Account number) number Structure

The Permanent Account Number under new series is based on following constant permanent parameters of a taxpayer and uses Phonetic Soundex code algorithm to ensure uniqueness :-
 i. Full name of the taxpayer;
 ii. Date of birth / Date of Incorporation;
 iii. Status;
 iv. Gender in case of individuals; and
 v. Father’s name in case of individuals (including in the cases of married ladies)
 These five fields are called core fields, without which PAN can not be allotted
The fourth character of the PAN must be one of the following, depending on the type of assesse:
C — Company
P — Person
H — HUF(Hindu Undivided Family)
F — Firm
A — Association of Persons (AOP)
T — AOP (Trust)
B — Body of Individuals (BOI)
L — Local Authority
J — Artificial Juridical Person
G — Govt
The fifth character of the PAN is the first character (a) of the surname / last name of the person. In the case of Personal Pan card, where the fourth character is "P" or (b) of the name of the Entity/ Trust/ Society/ Organisation in the case of Company/ HUF/ Firm/ AOP/ BOI/ Local Authority/ Artificial Jurdical Person/ Govt, where the fourth character is "C","H","F","A","T","B","L","J","G"
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Download Gandhiji Fonts from

Decades ago, Mahatma Gandhi taught us values of truth and non-violence however considering today's times when peace and love is the need of the hour, these values seem more relevant now. With the creation of Gandhijifonts, which they launched on October 2nd 2010 – the 141st birth anniversary of the Mahatma, they only tried to reinstate his vision of a peaceful world.

The fonts to be a medium of expression that a man can use, not only to follow the Mahatma's vision but also to start a revolution of his own, where the fonts will give the power to one's words. With these, we hope to inspire the youth of today to look at the world through his eyes.

Gandhijifont has been widely appreciated and supported by various media houses, newspapers, magazines and many social & cultural organizations.
Click here to Download the font

What's more, the Vice President of India, Shri M. Hamid Ansari has also made public his unequivocal support for Gandhijifont and so have the grandchildren of Mahtama Gandhi himself. The support and appreciation shown by people and organizations of such high rank only boosts morale in effort to spread the Mahatma's vision


Use Mozilla Add-on for 3D view for Web Pages

Now you can access your most favorite sites from the familiar FoxTab interface. and view them in 3D view. It will view your webpage in 3D with layer and all pages in layers

FoxTab is a popular 3D tab management extension.
FoxTab powers Firefox with the following main features:
  ✔ Top Sites (aka Speed Dial) for quickly accessing your favorite web sites.
  ✔ Tab Flipper – to easily flip between opened tabs using mouse or keyboard gestures.
  ✔ Recently Closed Tabs – for reopening a tab that was recently closed.

Choose between 6 attractive 3D layouts.
Customize the way FoxTab looks with a set of predefined themes or by creating your own customized one along with Personas.
Download this application from here
"FoxTab turns your browser tabs into a spectacle"
Lifehacker: "FoxTab Brings Innovative, Attractive Tab Switching to Firefox"

Image Gallery

Developer Comments

Launch Your Top Sites:
To open the top sites view, open FoxTab and select [My Top Sites] from the top bar.
To add pages to the top sites panel, just press the mouse right click button on the page you would like to add and click [Add to Top Sites].

While in top sites mode, on the bottom-left corner you can find the "Edit" button.
The edit mode let you rearrange the thumbnails using a simple drag and drop gestures. You can also set the size of the top sites panel.

Opened Tabs:
To flip between the currently opened tabs, open FoxTab and select [Opened Tabs] from the top bar.
By clicking on a given thumbnail, the selected tab will be focused.

Recently Closed Tabs:
To view recently closed tabs, open FoxTab and select [Recently Closed Tabs] from the top bar.
By clicking on any thumbnail, the corresponding page will be reopened (use middle click to reopen in new tab).

FoxTab is highly customizable, you can:
  ✔ Change the launching keys.
  ✔ Set the size of the FoxTab panel to be small, medium, large, fit-to-browser or full-screen.
  ✔ Configure thumbnails to reflects tabs by page headers, by top-left area or according to your current location in the page.
  ✔ Switch between Landscape and Portrait previews.

For many additional tweaks, go to: Tools → Add-ons → FoxTab → Options.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

View Contents of a Zip File Online with Google Docs

Consider this. Your friend sends you a 10 MB zip files as an email attachment and you are not too sure what files are inside that archive. It could be a slideshow with pictures of cute cats, that you would definitely not like to open, or maybe something more important.
 Now it is very simple you can just open that using GOOGLE doc. You need not to download it and then view by extracting it using winzip or winrar or any other tool to unzip it

That means you can browse the contents of an attached zip file online without having to download it. If there any Office documents or Photoshop files or even another zip file contained inside, you can view their content as well in the same Google Docs viewer window.
Google Docs can handle ZIP and RAR formats


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook started video calls

Close on the heels of Google launching its latest social networking venture Google+, Facebook is addiing video chat to its pages. The feature powered by the Internet phone service Skype will allow Facebook's over 750 million users to make video calls on the site. Facebook has also redesigned its chat feature, so that the people whom a user messages the most, show up first.
Here's all you should know about the all-new Facebook video chat: how it works, setting up, blocking people, who all can call you and much more.
To get started you need a webcam and microphones. If you and your friend both have webcams and microphones set up, you will be able to see and hear each other in real time.
In case, you call a friend who doesn’t have a webcam, she will be able to see and hear you, but you'll only be able to hear her.
You are required to complete the set-up the first time you try to call a friend, or the first time a friend tries to call you. Now, to get started, just click on the video icon at the top of your chat window.
To start set up, just click the "Set Up" button and follow the instructions given for your browser.
Now just go to the profile of the person you wish to chat with and click the "Call" button in the top right corner. If the set-up is done, the call should connect automatically. In case it doesn’t, call again by clicking the video icon at the top of your chat window.

Once the call is answered, you may have to wait a moment for your call to connect before the video call begins. As the person you call too will have to complete the set up.
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