Monday, March 27, 2023

Get Jeewan Praman using Aadhar Face Authentication by smartphone


Enhancing Ease of Submitting Digital Life Certificate through Face Authentication Technique based on

UIDAI Aadhaar software for Digital Life Certificate submission by pensioners using only a smartphone.

Process flow as given below:-

1) Download AadhaarFaceRd App from Google Play Store

2) After the Rd service is installed, it will be visible in Settings App Info as shown in screenshot.

3) Download  Jeevan Pramaan Face Application from or download from Google Play store  

Click on Client Installation Document for Android Face App.

4) Provide required information -> a link will be sent to the mail ID provided -> Click on link -> file gets downloaded in downloads click on file to install app

5) Open app -> give required permissions-> this opens a screen for Operator Authentication-> give required information -> submit-> enter OTP-> 

Scan face of operator-> on being successful,

pop-up will appear "Client registration successful"

6) The operator authentication IS a one time process. Pensioner can also be the Operator.After operator authentication, a screen will open for pensioner authentication. One operator can generate DLC of multiple pensioners.

7) Fill in all the details as on the screen correctly, Click on both the checkboxes and submit.

8) Click on the checkbox and scan for live photograph.

9) In this pop-up window select "yes" to continue with the scan process.

10) Click on the checkbox and proceed.

11) While doing Face Authentication keep your face straight and follow the instructions shown on screen.

12) After face scanning DLC submission appears on the mobile screen along with the Pramaan ID

and PPO no.