Wednesday, June 30, 2010

5 Shortlisted Symbols for Indian Rupee

 The Government of India has shortlisted five designs following an all-India contest and one of these will be chosen as the official symbol. If I have to select one then I will select the fourth one. What about you?

Rupee Symbol


Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Brief History of the Computer..!! Till now


ENIAC, 1946
Regarded as the first general purpose electronic computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) was initially commissioned for the use in World War II, but not completed until one year after the war had ended . Installed at the University of Pennsylvania, its 40 separate eight-foot-high racks and 18,000 tubes were intended to help calculate ballistic trajectories.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recharge your mobile by SMS or Online visit

Check out The latest in mobile solutions, it allows you to recharge your mobile with a true flexi recharge for any denomination including the internet recharge and SMS.On this site you can create your mobile wallet that mean it will act as repository for your currency.This wallet can be used to recharge mobile using SMS. You can recharge your mobile or your friends mobile using this wallet by SMS or Online. You can also recharge any mobile without creating wallet,you can recharge directly from you bank account.
  • Mobikwik Balance is your e-wallet.
  • Add to your mobikwik balance and Recharge any phone from Web or SMS.
  • Set a date and we will recharge for you automatically using mobikwik balance.
  • Recharge for your add on phones. You can add upto 20 numbers to your account and recharge for them using SMS or Web.
Best feature that I liked is Schedule Recharge and even you recharge special Bonus cards,Special Tariff Vouchers
Schedule Recharge

1. Set a date and we will automatically send you recharge for the amount specified by you.
2. You can cancel scheduled recharges for a number anytime.
3. Remember you must have enough Mobikwik Balance for us to send you Recharge.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nokia N900 finally in INDIAN market

The most waited device by techies, Linux based Nokia N900 is finally coming to India. Device will be available at Nokia stores starting 9th June. Though the device came out around 8-9 months ago Nokia N900 sports ARM Cortex-A8 600MHz processor, 1gb of RAM (256MB + 750 MB Virtual), 3G, Wifi, 5 MP Camera with Carl Zeus lens, 3.5” resistive touch screen, 32gb of internal memory & external memory expandable upto 16gb with micro SD card.

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Apple unveils iPhone 4 with clearer screen

The next iPhone comes out June 24 and will have a higher-resolution screen, longer battery life and thinner design.

CEO Steve Jobs opened Apple Inc.'s annual conference for software developers Monday by revealing the iPhone 4, which will cost $199 or $299 in the U.S. with a two-year AT&T contract, depending on the capacity. The iPhone 3GS, which debuted last year, will still be available, for $99.
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Google's Internet Bus service in India

Having travelled more than 10,000 kilometers across 4 states of India during the last 10 months, Google Internet Bus continues to add more miles and smiles as it enters the state of Kerala - God's own country. The Internet Bus - a custom designed mobile bus aimed to provide an online experience to the people of Kerala will be travelling through 8 towns - Kochi, Alappuzha, Kollam, Trivandrum, Thirssur, Palakkad, Kozhikode and Thalasery - in the next 25 days.
The Google Internet Bus journey which started from Tamil Nadu in February 2009 has so far touched the lives of over 400,000 Indians across states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh helping them to understand how they can use internet to do everyday things more easily. The bus left behind some interesting anecdotes each time it visited a city: For instance a businessman in Ujjain was excited to know how easily he could keep track of his bank account by using online banking. A businessman in Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu) was amazed to see how he could easily book the train tickets online. A cybercafé owner in Vijaywada (Andhra Pradesh) was thrilled to use products like Google Maps and Google search in local languages and was keen to educate his customers about use of these products.
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hide Folder/drives using encryption that let you easily protect files and folders with a password:use TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume
(data storage device). On-the-fly encryption means that data is automatically encrypted or
decrypted right before is loaded or saved, without any user intervention. No data stored on an
encrypted volume can be read (decrypted) without using the correct password/keyfile(s) or correct
encryption keys. Entire file system is encrypted (e.g., file names, folder names, contents of every
file, free space, meta data, etc).
Files can be copied to and from a mounted TrueCrypt volume just like they are copied to/from any
normal disk (for example, by simple drag-and-drop operations). Files are automatically being
decrypted on-the-fly (in memory/RAM) while they are being read or copied from an encrypted
TrueCrypt volume. Similarly, files that are being written or copied to the TrueCrypt volume are
automatically being encrypted on-the-fly (right before they are written to the disk) in RAM. Note that
this does not mean that the whole file that is to be encrypted/decrypted must be stored in RAM
before it can be encrypted/decrypted. There are no extra memory (RAM) requirements for
TrueCrypt. For an illustration of how this is accomplished, see the following paragraph.
Let's suppose that there is an .avi video file stored on a TrueCrypt volume (therefore, the video file
is entirely encrypted). The user provides the correct password (and/or keyfile) and mounts (opens)
the TrueCrypt volume. When the user double clicks the icon of the video file, the operating system
launches the application associated with the file type – typically a media player. The media player
then begins loading a small initial portion of the video file from the TrueCrypt-encrypted volume to
RAM (memory) in order to play it. While the portion is being loaded, TrueCrypt is automatically
decrypting it (in RAM). The decrypted portion of the video (stored in RAM) is then played by the
media player. While this portion is being played, the media player begins loading next small portion
of the video file from the TrueCrypt-encrypted volume to RAM (memory) and the process repeats.
This process is called on-the-fly encryption/decryption and it works for all file types, not only for
video files.
Note that TrueCrypt never saves any decrypted data to a disk – it only stores them temporarily in
RAM (memory). Even when the volume is mounted, data stored in the volume is still encrypted.
When you restart Windows or turn off your computer, the volume will be dismounted and files
stored in it will be inaccessible (and encrypted). Even when power supply is suddenly interrupted
(without proper system shut down), files stored in the volume are inaccessible (and encrypted). To
make them accessible again, you have to mount the volume (and provide the correct password
and/or keyfile).


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Get 3D Glassses form

Want to watch 3 D movies at your home?? you will require a 3 D glasses .These 3D glasses are available on You can buy these glasses for just 0.99$ which will be around Rs 50. So what are you waiting for just visit and order your 3D glasses and enjoy 3D movies at your home. 


NOKIA introduces first Dual SIM mobile phones

After several years of endless wait for Dual Sim (GSM+GSM) phone from Nokia, Finally, the world leading mobile phone maker join the bandwagon of Dual SIM mobile phones and introduced 2 low-cost dual Sim phone C1 and C2 that supports Dual-SIM and Dual Sim with dual standby respectively.
At a media conference held on 3June 2010 in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, Nokia unveiled its First dual-Sim C1 (C1-00) mobile phone a 2-in-1 double SIM solution which has a  dedicated button to switch between SIM cards by simply holding down a key.
 The C1-01 is a low-cost ‘feature’ phone with an estimated retail price of EUR 39(~Rs 2100). Nonetheless, it comes with a VGA camera, an SD memory card slot for up to 32 GB of storage, mail and chat. There’s also an FM radio and music player.

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