Friday, April 12, 2013

What will happen to our EMAIL/Facebook status after our Death ?

What will happen Ever since the death your e-mail ,address book ,  Facebook status and other information ?  Well-known software company, Google has decided to solve this problem now.
They either can be assigned to any of your special friend or relative, or keeping their privacy,  or they can be deleted.everything depends on your preference.
The software giant Google will now allow users to that the fact that she/he can decide what to do after the death of their personal information. They either a special friend, relative, or may be assigned to him may also be deleted.The service is found in users’ account settings page. It allows users to choose whether to have their data deleted or made available to specified trusted contacts.Called the Inactive Account Manager, the service offers users of Google’s Gmail, Drive, Google+, Picasa and other Google service an easy-to-use template that specifies what should happen in the event they die or become inactive for a specified period of time.

Click on this link  you will be redirected to Google Inactive account setting where you can set your Preference once account get inactive.
Following are the action you can perform
1)You can share your Google account data once it is inactive
2) Add up to 10 trusted friends or family members with your customize message who should be notified that your account is inactive , and you can also share Drive, Gmail, YouTube and/or some other data for 3 months with them if you like.
3) Transfer your Google account to other
4) You can delete your Google Account data(All you Google products (such as Gmail, YouTube videos, Google+ posts, ect.) data will be deleted )

 If you want to get have a break from Internet presence and want to take a break for some time, these options are possible for you. Yes, just the thing to keep in mind that this feature is currently only to Google.
All over the world , click Internet use by those who had expressed concern about this.

It is decided that after Google. Google said in a statement issued on behalf of, "We hope this new feature you you click digital life planning will help. This is a confidential and secure it to your loved ones ease will. "
Google is headquartered in California, U.S.. Company, YouTube, and Picasa photo editing software that operates the blog spot.

Google says its users information can be deleted after three, six, nine or 12 months can get depend on user wish.
Facebook is also in mood to implement same method in near future