Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DrawBraille SmartPhone for Blind

Today when everyone is in rush of buying better smartphone from each other ,a new concept has came for BLIND people to have a SMART phone . This  concept design by Shikun Sun, an industrial design student at Sheffield Hallam University in England, the visually impaired could be included in this trend. The DrawBraille Mobile Phone is a cell phone that uses a braille board and finger pads that allow the blind to communicate efficiently.This design includes a book reader, text messaging, email, and even music capabilities
The DrawBraille Mobile Phone  comprised of 35 braille buttons in five rows. Since the main keyboard cannot hold the entire braille text, there are also raised “scroll up” and “scroll down” buttons for more options. The second ece is similar to the touch screen on many smart phones, but with a unique raised surface for information input. The user can tap and drag and even create their own shortcuts and words through a combination of commands.

This phone’s battery life can be measured on its side, with 5 raised dots each representing 20% of its juice that retract once their percentage is used up. I don't have any  news on the production of this super smart braille phone till now. Hope this will boon for visually impaired people