Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Skype Video/Voice call in Microsoft Email Service

Here is some good news for Microsoft account user, Microsoft will integrate Skype into its email service. With this implementation they will be able to indulge in voice and video communication, in addition to the conventional text communication
This means that people can check their e-mails and talk about the contents simultaneously. In case you forgot, is the successor of the email service

Microsoft  in a blog post that a preview version of Skype for would be rolled out starting right now. Although this version will first be available to users in the United Kingdom
Microsoft says that users of other countries would get the preview version soon. Indian users will have to wait to benefit from the service integration

According to Microsoft to enable Skype for email, one has to download a plug-in for their web-browser - recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE are supported.Thereafter, users can use their MS account to connect Skype to their Inbox.

To understand how really it will work please visit this video