Friday, May 17, 2013

Send and Receive money using your GMAIL account : Google Wallet

Till now E-mail attachment were used to send photos, videos and files but now you can  send money Google launched its e-mail service Gmail has plans to launch such a service. It is now being introduced in the U.S. When will it happen in India, will just have to wait for it. Earlier this service was mainly used on mobile device but now they have come to desktop version

Google has named this as  Google Wallet. This will act as your  vallet  which be will link with the user's bank account. If desired, users can link your account with a debit or credit card, but in that case 2.9 per cent on every transaction fee will be charged. The U.S. roll out this service for users above 18 years of age and have it be able to use it. If you want to receive the money in your account to activate this feature. However, before such a service had started some websites, but they did not become Popular. When will it happen in India, is not known yet. Meet it by RBI norms.

How to send money
For this, a user should have a e-mail account with Google . Click on on Compose button in your inbox
Currently this feature is only available on New version of composing email of gmail Here you will find dollar sign. Click on the account or card to determine the amount you can send and thall all your money will be get transferred. Refer the Video for more detail

What is Google Wallet
The feature is in your Google Wallet account. India currently visiting, you can put your credit card or debit card details. Before buying any products from the App Store or Google may pay.