Friday, September 28, 2012

Trick to export Google Product data form GOOGLE account

Have you ever thought when you register a website then you enter few detail and in mean time as you start using that Portal you start using it different product. While using different product there is exchange of data from user. Now suppose user wants to leave the product and want to take aways this data then there should be option to take data out.

Google has one of innovative idea to take away all your data from different Google product in case you want to leave Google or export it to some other place or reuse data then Google has its product call TAKE out
Visit login using existing account ,select  the Google product who's data you want to take out. This feature is powered by Data Liberation Front.

The Data Liberation Front is an engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products. They do this because they believe that we should be able to export any data that we create in (or import into) a product.  We help and consult other engineering teams within Google on how to "liberate" their products.  This is our mission statement:

People usually don't look to see if they can get their data out of a product until they decide one day that they want to leave.  For this reason, we always encourage people to ask these three questions before starting to use a product that will store their data:
There shouldn't be an additional charge to export your data. Beyond that, if it takes you many hours to get your data out.