Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to transfer Phonebook contact from one phone to another

I came across very interesting scenario where I was suppose to transfer contact of a NOKIA phone to Blackberry/Android. First method that came in mind is just copy the contact to SIM memory and then tranfer to another phone. Here I am going to explain few method by which you can transfer your contact from one phone to another.Now a day people switching to smartphone then it become cumbersome to copy so much contact one by by so I am going to present few method which will help you to easily switch to smart phones.

1) Transfer Contact using SIM memory: In this method if you have limited contact on phone memory say like less than 200 contact then you just need to COPY/MOVE all your contact from OLD phone to SIM memory. Now you can place the SIM on new PHONE and start using.Here I want to state that you can even COPY/MOVE the content of SIM to NEW phone book.If you have more than 200 contact including SIM and PHONE book  then first  you need to MOVE the contact of existing  SIM memory and then place the SIM on new phone there you need to MOVE content from SIM to NEW PHONE.Once the SIM content is empty now place the SIM on OLD phone move the PHONE book content on to SIM and again place the SIM to new PHONE and move the content to new phone book, continue this process until your OLD phonebook get empty.

2) Transfer using Computer: The SIM card based approach is good when transferring basic phone numbers but if your phone’s address book includes long names, email addresses,then you need corresponding phone application to transfer.For instance if you have a NOKIA phone and you are shifting to BLACKBERRY or iPHONE or ANDRIOD then use NOKIA OviSuit application to copy your phone'address book to Microsoft Outlook on your desktop. Once it is copied to to your Outlook then you can use BLACKBERRY Desktop Manager software or HTC sync or iTunes in case of iPHONE or Kies for Samsung glaxy to Transfer from Outlook(PC) to your new phone's address book
Windows Mobile users, like Samsung Omnia or HTC HD2, may again use Microsoft’s Device Center (or ActiveSync for XP) to copy their phone address book to the desktop via Outlook. If you are simply switching from one Windows Phone to another, you can transfer contacts via the cloud itself using Microsoft’s My Phone service.

3) Transfer using Cloud : If you have internet enable handset  then you can copy your old phone contat to new phone over cloud without even a computer. A online seriver called Mobical which is free and works with moost of mobile phone form NOKIA,Motorola.SONY etc.All you need to setup  MOBICAL on old phone and will create back up of your phone on cloud, Now setup Mobical on the new phone using same  login detail and it will automatically download all the contact form cloud to new phone

Another intresting method on is GOOGLE SYNC, a cloud based service that works with BLACKBERRY,iPHONE,NOKIA and most other phones that are SyncML capable. Google sync keep address book in sync with Google contact.If you install google syn on two diffrent phone and use same login detial then it will automatically syn the both phone You can install Google syn on old phone and and just sync with google contact. Once you have finished sync with old phone now install google sync on new phone and use same credential to sync. All the Google contact corresponding to that login will automatically sync.