Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wireless Mobile-to-PC Photo Sharing apps(Bump)

When someone want to share photo from Mobile to PC from a Android Phone then he/she may require a PC cable. But here is a new innovation where you need not require any data cable .Using http://bu.mp you can able to transfer picture from mobile to PC using browser.All you need a BUMP apps for respective iPhone or Android phone.The iPhone and Android Bump app is available as a free download from the iOS App Store and Google Play marketplace. Just install that apps and open the link https://bu.mp/ now select the picture and Tap the space bar with your phone and confirm.Once the photos appear in the browser they can be downloaded to your hard drive or directly shared on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.This is as simple as as email.Try it now on your iPhone/Android mobile. Do post your Feedback.