Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forget Attachment -Its time for Google Drive:Keep Everything Share Anything.

Today in Internet world there are lot lot many option for storing online and sharing . This lead to promote Cloud computing feature.Gone are those day when we have to restrict our file to email attachment with size limitation. But now Google has start new produce called Google drive ,It is providing Free 5GB storage for storing your document. Store your word file, Office Presentation,Photos,video. Forget file too big just share file using Google drive.Just store your file on Google drive and access from across the globe just with internet.
Google Drive: Keep Everything  Share Anything.

All you need is just a Google account just log into your Google account and that all and start using. In some case you might be in waiting list to get this service. Once Google approve you for using this drive you will get the confirmation mail that Google Drive has been activated.Visit now and grab your FREE 5 GB Google Drive