Thursday, December 13, 2012

Control Multiple Computers with Single Keyboard and Mouse

Many time there might be scenario where we have to work on multiple systems at a time. For instance, when you work on your home PC and office laptop at the same time, In that case we often get puzzled between the mouse and keyboards while switching frequently.

Mouse without borders is software comes handy which handle  these problem since it helps you control
more than one computer with a single mouse and keyboard. It even lets you share files between multiple
computers by copying your desired files and simply dragging and dropping them to the desired screen, share
clipboard text, and access multiple computers using a single mouse and keyboard.Keyboard
will work on that system only on which the mouse pointer is currently appearing.
You can connect up to 4 computers together using Mouse without Borders and use single mouse and keyboard on multiple system.It also allows you to send and receive quick screenshots, and personalize your logon screen in Windows 7 PC

One Limitation of this software is that if you are looking for a software to access PC at a remote
location, then there is no any option. It let’s you control another system, but that system has to be near your
own system so that you can view the transfer of files or access of files or applications on another system.
You can discuss on this community forum about Mouse without Borders 
Truong Do, a Microsoft Dynamics developer in Redmond started  developing a way to control all his PC with a single keyboard and mouse.

That project became Mouse without Borders, and goes well beyond just navigation of multiple PCs. Using the software Truong has developed it’s possible to login and out of multiple Windows PCs with a single keyboard and mouse. You can also seamlessly move between up to four PCs, and best of all, file copying through drag and drop works across those machines too.It is the similar to having a single PC and four screens. All it requires is that you have a network setup as that’s the communication method
Software available to download for free. It’s a 1.1MB file which you can download from the
Microsoft IT website

Check out the video below to hear Truong talk about the software:

Features of Mouse without Borders:

    1) Control multiple systems with single mouse and keyboard
    2) Effortlessly Copy Files from one screen to another
    3) Send and Receive Screen Captures on connected system
    4) Personalize Logon Screen in Windows 7

    5) Share Clipboard with connected systems
    6) Peer to Peer control