Thursday, August 30, 2012

Innovative idea by IRCTC to have advance Deposit (RDS scheme)

IRCTC has decided to launch a scheme allowing passengers to reserve seats against advance money with their IRCTC register account .This scheme is termed as Rolling Deposit Scheme(RDS).In this scheme the use can deopsit minum of Rs1500 and avail this faiclity. While paying the ticket ammout the user can select IRCTC deposite ammout or other traditional bank payment method.

It will reduce the payment gateyway time for the user as money will be deducted from your IRCTC and not from bank as is the current scenario
One of the best feature of this service is that IRCTC will not charge any payment gateyway charge for booking e-ticket
Another important point is that it will sure help to minimize the number of failure transaction in future
User can mange his account and also top up online. They can transfer money from his bank account to IRCTC account