Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Charge your cellphone using a Biological Virus

A team at the University of California, Berkeley are using the virus known as M13 bacteriophage to replace toxic elements like Li-cd used to charge the cell phones.
The virus possesses a property known as piezoelectricity, which means it can translate mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Researchers believe the discovery could help mobile phones user to charge while you walk and replace the toxic piezoelectric elements already used in mobile phones.

These piezoelectric components are made out of heavy, toxic metals such as lead and cadmium,  M13 bacteriophage has the ability to generate electricity when compressed without the involvement of any toxic chemicals.
To improve the electricity generating power of M13, scientist at University of California added the amino acid content of the virus's outer protein coat by adding four negatively charged glutamate molecules.

Source: Time of India