Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Train Enquiry site Launched

Now Indian Railway has started its new Train Enquiry site that is website is pretty much faster than existing website with  addition of new facilities like Cancelled trains on the new site, re - scheduled trains diverted trains from being conveyed. Officials say CRIS(Centre for Railway Information Systems)
is currently running a trial of this site. In the coming days it will be on the improve.I don't understand why government is investing so much on multiple site when already there is existing train enquiry system is there. Recently Govt. has closed much await project of Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN) which can be very much effective

The biggest USP of this website is that passengers get details. To know the status of the train running on Route option of putting the name or number. User can enter the source and destination and get the list of train and on click of the train it will give status of Train. Particular Train information is also displayed by entering Train name of Train Number

The second option is Station. Name of Station type All trains arrive at the station within two hours will be displayed. If you wish to travel in the particular  train, click on that train running status of the train will also be available. The third option is to train between stations, with which this information can be obtained so that train service between the two stations are in 24 hours. Re - schedule and diverted trains running from Route options are given for information.

Apart from  express and superfast trains this site also tell information about  passengers Trains, which inculde commuters who travel by shuttle trains . It will also tell you status of the shuttle trains. It will tell you number of coaches in shuttle so that the passenger can stand on the platform according to their coach position. This particular information is not available on any existing website.