Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy birthday Google: Try some Interesting Keyword search in Google

Google is the best search Engine. and it is  so special. If we have to search latest songs,search for school project google is always there to helps us . The amazing thing now so you will always expect something different. Occasionally changed some of Google's screen appears as soon as you open it. This happens on a particular spot. At the same time occasionally to type something on Unique Google that lets you see the results comes.on occasion of Google Foundation day that in on 4th Sept 1998 Google was founded Let have some Google tricks with some Special keyword searching

1) Search for 'Atari breakout' in Google images you will get game like experience like DX-ball

2) Search for 'Do a barrel roll' in Google search bar your web page will rotate in 360 degree

3) Search for  'Underwater Google' your webpage will look like Fish with water

4) Search for 'Google guitar' your Webpage will change to Guitar
5) Search for  'Google terminal' your webpage will looks like below image

6) Search for 'Google sphere' your webpage will change to as shown below

7) Search for 'elgoog' your webpage will look like this below

8) Search for 'Google pond' your page will look like this below

9) Search for 'tilt' or  'askew' page will get Tilted

10) Search for  'Google gravity' page will change like this below