Thursday, August 22, 2013

Google launches Hindi handwriting feature for Android devices /Laptop

Google has  announced beta support for Hindi handwriting and ability to switch to a native Hindi experience for your Android.Noe Hindi user can use Google search using HINDI language.

Once enabled, this feature will allow a user to scribble words in Hindi using his fingers or a stylus on the touchscreen of a phone or tablet. Google will recognize the word and perform a search query. The same feature can also be used to scribble words in Hindi and then translate them into English through the Google Translate app available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Laptop users can access the same feature by installing an extension in Chrome browser. Whenever you activate this (extension) your computer's track pad will turn into a writing pad, so you can write Hindi script using freehand. Then the tool will recognize your handwriting and convert it to text, which can be inserted into text fields on any website

Android users who have access to the latest version (4.3) of the mobile OS can also use turn on Hindi user interface.