Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Now Book your Auto rickshaw on Phone/online in Pune and Banglore

Many of us heard about Telephonic /online Cab booking .but when you are going to book a cab to have to pay little more than a Auto Rickshaw fare.

Mukesh Jha and Janardan Prasad two IIT-Kanpur alumni living in Pune has started a innovative idea to develop smarter and more efficient commuting and travel systems within India.They have started a service where user can hire a Auto.Currently this service is limited to Pune and Banglore only.For Pune they have started Online booking.This is venture started underUbida Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with offices in Pune and Bangalore founded by Mukesh and Janardan.

According to website there turn around time is just 30 minute. The best thing I like is that you need to argue with auto wala for FARE. Fare will be charged according to RTO- Meter

1) Call the Autowale service by dialing (020) 66-111-111 if you’re booking in Pune or 8050-66-1111 for Bangalore
 2) Trips should be booked at least 30 minutes in advance
 3) A customer representative will pick up and ask for your booking details
 4) Mention where you would like to go, where you would like to be picked up from along with the date and time
5) The customer representative will confirm availability within the area and time
 6) Autowale will then use location tracking to find an auto-rickshaw within your area and transmit the trip details to the driver
    7)You will receive an SMS confirmation of your trip booking
    8) At the time specified the rickshaw will arrive at your doorstep or location specified
    9) The meter will be started at your pick up point
    10) On arrival at the destination, the meter will be stopped
    11) The fare will be calculated based on the meter reading and the standard approved fare card
    12) The driver will collect the fare