Friday, July 12, 2013

Convert your Video to GIF animation

Sometime there is need to have some video content to be displayed over webpage ,since the video content take more space and slow down that website  so there is an alternative to have video content in the form of GIF animation . I would like to explain some of Free tools that will convert your video to GIF file

1) Instagiffer
Instagiffer makes it easy to GIF directly from video files and online video sites like Youtube. It’s free, with no advertising or spyware!. This is currently available only for Windows user
Download version 1.32 (Windows XP/Vista/7/8)

   Create GIFs from anything on your screen…
    or open videos and Youtube URLs directly (comes with built-in Youtube downloader)
    Creates highly optimized but quality GIFs under 1MB in size. Perfect for Tumblr!
    Make cool 2x2 GIF sets
    Growing list of effects including sepia tone, oil painting and grayscale
    Add multiple text captions with custom fonts, durations and colors
    Use frame importer to combine two or more videos together
    Create bouncing loops
    Open and edit existing GIF files (handy for captioning / resizing)
    Create GIFs from a collection of static images

2) Qgifer

QGifer is open-source GIF animation tool for  for Mac, Windows and Linux. If you are making  short video demo or screenshot that is not more than 10-20 seconds long, consider producing an animated GIF image.It can create GIF file from your video files