Saturday, June 15, 2013

SMS Based IRCTC Ticket Booking Method


Mobile number on which booking is to be done should be registered with IRCTC and that number should be associated with IMPS in corresponding bank

SMS Based IRCTC Ticket Booking

According to IRCTC website SMS Services(Non-Internet Based Booking) are currently offered by:-
A ) Bharat BPO
B) Frequency Weekly

A) Method Powered by Bharat BPO

Registered IRCTC users can now Book railway tickets by just sending two simple SMSes.

STEP 1: An sms to be sent to  139 from your registered mobile (both at Bank
and IRCTC)

SMS Format to be used:

BOOK [TrainNo] [FromCity] [ToCity] [TravelDate(DDMM)] [Class] [Passenger 
Name1] [Age] [Gender] [Passenger2Name] [Age] [Gender] 

(can be upto 6 passengers) 
For example :

BOOK 12011 NDLS CDG 1404 CC Rakesh 55 M Sarita 53 F
If the format sent is valid, you would receive a message from .The message would carry
the following unique parameters.
• Transaction ID
• Ticket Amount
• Service Charge
• Total Amount payable
• Seat Availability

For example:
TID: 2501368 Ticket Amount: 900 Service Charges: 20 Seat: AVAILABLE- 0228 

STEP 2: On receipt of the above parameters, SMS to be sent for payment of the ticket. 

PAY [Transaction ID as received] [IMPS is the mode of payment)] [Your MMID as 
received from the bank] [OTP is your one time password received for this 
transaction] [IRCTCUserID]

For Example:
PAY 2501368 IMPS 123456 7897 Rakesh 

Message received on successful booking of the ticket

Congrates!! Your ticket booked successfully. PNR is: 2345678901 Ticket No:
:0672261674 Booking Status: Rakesh CONFIRM C1 76 WS Sarita CONFIRM C1 77 Ticket
Amt: 900 SC: 20 Src: New delhi Dst: Chandigarh Date of Journey: 14/04/2013 Sch Dep
07:40 hrs

Note 1: MMID generation is a single click process available with more than 26 Indian Banks
covering over 90% of the total banking subscriber base.The banks for the same are listed at “OTP” is a One Time Password generated and
provided by your respective bank.
Note 2:
1. Booking with Quota including (Tatkal) and Concessions are not available as of now.
2. Payment for the bookings can only be made through IMPS.

B) Method Powered by Frequency Weekly
Send START IRCTC_User_Id to 5676714 authenticate the user for the first
time in the system and to receive the SMS booking format in response to this message
START myirctcid009 
SMS response for the above example will be:
Send booking SMS as :
BOOK FrmStnCode,ToStnCode,DDMMYY,TrnNo,Class,PsngrName1,Age1,M/F,PsngrName2,Age

For example:
BOOK NDLS,ALD,280313,12418,SL,varun,23,m,ezaz,23,m,priyanka,24,f,sukhbir,25,m 

SMS response for the above example will be:

"Availability details are TxnID: 92224487261426141055, Fare:277
(Incl.ISC:Rs10,ASC:Rs10,PG:Rs10) Avail: AVAILABLE-0529. Please send SMS PAY
92224487261426141055,IMPS/MPAY to book ticket.

PAY TransactionID,[IMPS] or [MPAY] 

The user can pay either through IMPS or through mWallet
For example:

PAY 92224487261426141055,MPAY 
SMS response for the above example will be:

Booking successful. PNR: 5612345567, TRAIN: 12418, DOJ: 28/03/2013 Dep.Time: 22:30 
NDLS to ALD, VARUN Confirm S6 0035, EZAZ Confirm S6 0036, PRIYANKA Confirm S6 
0037, SUKHBIR Confirm S6 0038