Sunday, June 30, 2013

Airtel present FREE Data charge for Google Product

Airtel and Google presents Free Zone , an innovative service that allows you to access Google mobile services on the go at absolutely no data costs! The free data usage on Free Zone is available up to a limit of 1GB per month.This service is free only in Home Network Now with your internet-enabled mobile on the airtel network. This Free service will work only in India. If you are on International Romaing then this FREE service will not available

Search on Google and browse the internet for FREE

When you click on a link in the search results page, you don’t pay anything. The first page(s) linking from Google Search are free, for pages thereafter you will need to pay for data usage (but don’t worry, before you are charged, you will see a warning page with the option to sign up for a data plan if you want.) So for example, if you click on a search link to a Wikipedia article, you won’t pay anything. But if you click on a link within the article, you will be charged for the data costs incurred for loading that link.

Send and read emails on Gmail for FREE

Users can have unlimited access to Gmail from their mobile browser but if they click on a link or attachment within the email they are directed to a page where they can purchase a data package.

Stay connected with your friends on Google+ for FREE
If you click on a link that takes you outside Google+ or Gmail or if you want to view an email attachment, you will need to pay data charges. Before you are charged, you will see a notification page, you can purchase a data plan or you can proceed further with the default pay-as-you use data charges.
want to know more? watch a video!

How can I get started?

Just visit from your phone’s internet browser.
Then start searching or sign in with your Google account to access Gmail or Google+