Thursday, June 13, 2013

Send your Kiss to your loved one Online with Google :)

Do you remember that day when you or your loved ones that love letter Love Letter was sent. You have a nice smile on your face at the sight of that letter and you used to close the envelope with your kiss.

Hey, don't get so emotional ,now get love in your email and affection directly in your email. Yes, now you can send email via the Kiss. Indeed, Burberry has teamed up with Google 'Burberry Kisses' is invented, even when you're away so you can send them a Kiss.

Simply, the user must log in from which they can send your lover or beloved personal Kiss. You or your desktop by dragging photos from the camera/web camera (this works best on Chrome) to your lips touch screen mobile Kiss send a kiss too.

If you’re using your touch screen mobile or tablet, you can actually kiss your screen  and your lip outline will be taken from there. you can write a short message and send it to someone from your Google+ friends list or via email. Once sent you can  see the envelope with your message fly from your city to the receiver’s destination across a 3D landscape. The receiver gets an email, from which they can see the same journey, read your message and hopefully respond with a kiss of their own.
What if you can not send the camera or if your touchscreen phone with Burberry 'quick kisses' is an option, you can send your loved ones.Burberry gives you the freedom to choose the color of the lips. You are pink, purple, and scarlet Kiss. Kiss can also add a message before sending it. Those who still did not understand how that Kiss will be sent so they can watch this video in Burberry, Kiss send all steps which are explained