Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is Google planning for New Social Networking Site: GOOGLE CIRCLE

There are rumors going around that Google will be releasing its own social network. Speculations have been seen around the web and Google Circle has also been the Trending Topic in Twitter. People are wondering if Google is working on its own social networking site and what its focus would be.
It is still undetermined if the new social networking site, if ever there really is one, would center on music, movies, or games. Google Circle or Google Me is said to be a Facebook killer. That might be wishing a lot from the supposed Google project since the company hasn’t have any luck on its social projects.
The Google Wave tried to be a Twitter rival but the company didn’t manage to get the masses hyped enough and last August Google gave up on the idea. So it is surprising to hear all the speculations about Google’s social project.
Three were lots of talks the Google will launch Google Circle at the SXSW in Austin, Texas. But the rumors were shut down by the company when it announced through Twitter that it will not launch anything in SXSW.
There are rumors that state that Google isn’t working on its own social networking site but it is working to make some of its products more social. Analysts say that Google should do something about Facebook dominance. Both companies don’t compete directly with each other but they do compete for user time and attention.