Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enhance your Email with IncrediMAIL

IncrediMail 2 is a free email program that manages all your email messages, communications, contact details, and email transactions. IncrediMail is all about having fun with your email. Following are the features with incrediMail

1)Personalize your email

Make every email personal by quickly
and easily adding photos, choosing
unique email backgrounds, and more.

2) Continue using your current email account
Your email address stays the same, but
your email experience is enhanced with
fantastic features.
3) IncrediMail lets you:
  • Choose from 100's of amazing email backgrounds
  • Add fun emoticons and animations to your emails
  • Bring your emails to life with animated 3D effects using 3D effect Magic
  • Get notified of incoming emails by special animated characters (we call them Notifiers)
  • Manage all your emails from different accounts (like Yahoo and Gmail) in one place
  • Letter Creator is an add-on to IncrediMail that lets you create your own IncrediMail email Backgrounds and Ecards. When you download the IncrediMail email program, you automatically get a free trial version of the Letter Creator – there’s no need to download anything else in addition.

    Letter Creator lets you:

  • Insert your digital photos in the background of your emails
  • Be in control: design your emails any way you wish
  • Create custom-made email letterheads for your business and special occasions
  • Show off your artistic skills and amaze your family and friends