Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Broadcast your Live Streaming from your Desktop for FREE

Here today I am going to describe a method by which your can broadcast your video to friend and family and other using a public link
CastAMP has solution for this broadcast,I f you want to host some video session then you can just create a channel on this site.No registration required over this site its very simple.Just enter any channel name and create the channel and follow the step.

Start broadcasting now! It's free

  • Choose a channel name and click broadcast
  • Follow the instructions on how to upload your video
  • Invite family, friends and co-workers to watch your live video!
1. Download Flash Media Encoder and install it on your system
2. Open Flash Media Encoder and select 'Stream to Flash Media Server'
3. Enter the FMS URL in the corresponding field
4. Enter the Stream name
5. Start your broadcast and share it with friends!