Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Vote using MISSED call "--- It is Amazing

Vote via SMS is the most commonly used voting system these days. From reality shows to surveys & contests everywhere it’s been used. But, Most of us have voted using this system since it uses 5 or 6 digit short code which  service provider will charge around 5 to 6 Re per SMS. Because of this pricing, participation in voting becomes very less.

Have you ever thought of voting using "MISSED CALL" Here is new concept using missed call.
 “Missed Call” technique, ZipDial has come up with a “Missed Call to Vote” system! Visit
For Ex:

Q: Should Meg Whitman become Governor of California?

If YES, give a missed call to +91 40 44 55 69 30
If No, give a missed call to +91 40 44 55 69 31

All you are doing here is giving a missed call, so you will not be charged anything to vote! And this system is so simple, you don’t have to remember “Send XX to YYYYY”

and bleh bleh to vote! It is just different numbers to dial for different options.
 Recently they have plans to open ZipDial for public where anyone can create a poll. They have just started, I wish everyone including TV channels start using this system. Visit ZipDial & start voting for polls & win some gifts.


texens said...

brilliant and yet so simple.. now thats innovation !

Anonymous said...

Hi Anand...

Just wanted to let you that zipdial is an infringement of the patent held in the name of Mamoon Inc. (