Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Five hidden dangers of Facebooking

An expert in online privacy has drawn attention to the five dangers of sharing information on social networking site Facebook.
Joan Goodchild, senior editor of CSO (Chief Security Officer) Online, claims marketing efforts by the company often results in a compromise on account holders' privacy, reports CBS News.
Goodchild noted five risks of using Facebook on 'The Early Show on Saturday Morning.' They are:
1.Your information is being shared with third parties
2. Privacy settings revert to a less safe default mode after each redesign
3. Facebook ads may contain malware
4. Your real friends unknowingly make you vulnerable
5. Scammers are creating fake profiles
Earlier this week, 15 privacy and consumer protection organizations filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, alleging that the site manipulates privacy settings to make users' personal information available for commercial use. (ANI)