Saturday, May 22, 2010

Get rid of Unwanted Calls and SMS

Recently a Pune based mobile application development firm Optinno Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. announced the launch of first of its kind mobile application - Mobiwatchman - which can help its users to get rid of unwated calls and SMS.
Mobiwatchman is available for only mobile phones that run on Symbian OS. Click here to know if your mobile is compatible with Mobiwatchman.
You can also try Mobiwatchman by downloading the trial version. It is a full featured version with 25 SMS blocks. It can be downloaded from
Mobiwatchman is a smart application that works in your mobile and blocks calls and SMS as per your settings. This application runs silently in the background so that regular mobile phone tasks are not affected.

Actual screenshots shown below will help you understand its functioning.

After successful installation, you can see Mobiwatchman’s icon in the installation folder or the location where you have installed it.
Clicking on the icon starts the application. The application runs in background. You can see a tiny indicator icon on the mobile homescreen when the application is 'On' and running.
Clicking on the main icon, you can see main screen of Mobiwatchman. Pressing ‘Options’ shows you the Main menu of the application.
The comprehensive research that has gone into designing the user interface has resulted in a very simple and straightforward menu.
Mobiwatchman enables you to block calls & block SMS through the same interface. You can choose to block call or block SMS from the ‘Block’ menu. All incoming calls and SMS will be checked by the application, and will be blocked or allowed depending upon your settings and the lists created here.
Mobiwatchman seamlessly integrates with your phonebook, call logs and SMS Inbox. So clicking ahead in ‘Block’ option, you get the list of locations from where you can directly fetch the contact number or title to be blocked. If they are not stored in your mobile, you can input manually too.
You can selectively block SMS using appropriate option in ‘Trusted SMS Sender’.
You can see the detailed log of all blocked calls and blocked SMS, and also the total count of blocking done.
You can read or restore the blocked SMS from ‘Bin’ folder (which is automatically created after installation) in ‘Messaging-My folders’ option in your mobile.
If you receive a call from a number not stored in your mobile phonebook, you will see a ‘Suspicious Call’ pop up at the end of the call. Just by pressing ‘OK’, you can directly add the number in the Call blocklist.
If you receive an SMS from a number not stored in your mobile phonebook or from a sender not mentioned in your ‘Trusted SMS Sender’ list, you will see a ‘Suspicious Message’ pop up. Just by pressing ‘OK’, you can directly add the sender in SMS blocklist. Note that you can see a preview of the SMS content. So without opening the SMS, you can decide to block the sender from the pop up itself.
While reading an SMS from your Inbox, you can add the sender in SMS blocklist. Just move that SMS to the ‘Spam’ folder (created automatically) in ‘Messaging-My folders’ option to block further SMS from the sender.
You can easily unblock the blocked number or SMS sender from ‘Unblock’ menu.