Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to convert or view any website on a mobile phone or device

People hooked to internet via their mobile phones is on the rise but only few websites offer mobile compatible format of their websites. Do you want to offer mobile version of your website or blog? Don’t worry, this does not invlove learning any programming laguage or formatting/recreating your exsiting computer based website.

Here are few tools that will make this creation or conversion easier than expected. Your website is designed for screens 15″ or greater, these tools let you make mobile website for screens 3″ or less.

1. Google’s Conversion Utility - This is as simple as it gets. Just need to enter the URL of your website, check the option for ‘No Images’ if you do not want images to appear, then click on ‘GO’ button.

Mobile version of your website will pop up, add the link to your faovrites for browsing website on mobile. You can even insert Google Mobile Ads to earn some money.

2. Zinadoo - Using this web service you can easily create, publish and share you mobile website. Besides you can also colour the website, create a page that site visitors can email you from or request that you call/email them back, create a guestbook page, create a comments page and much more.

3. Winksite - Winksite is mobile Website builder that also includes RSS-driven content deployment and mobile-tuned community features such as forum, chat, and polls. No need to install software, do everything online. You also monetize your website with Google Mobile Adsense.

4. MobiSiteGalore - Let you build websites that will work consistently across all mobile phones as they 100% comply with W3C’s mobile web standards. You can host website wherever you want. This service is completely FREE and is supported by donations.

5. MoFuse - Use your RSS feed to power your mobile blog. Design your mobile blog with WYSIWYG editor. Automatically redirect your mobile visitors to your mobile blog. You can also enroll in revenue sharing program and earn 50% of all advertising profits using Google AdSense Mobile and AdMob.

Now getting hooked to your website or blog on mobile phone wont be that difficult. I am sure above tools will help you create your place on mobile web, what say?