Monday, March 29, 2010

Copy your iPOD files(music,Video) using Windows Explorer

Recently i found that my ipod memory is full. Now i wanted to take a backup of all my iPod Content to DVD.But the problem is that if I am going to Sync my iPOD with iTunes then it will replace all the content with the current iTunes Library on my HDD,My iTunes Library dosn't contain all the files that iPOD is having now,so if i am going to Sync then i will loose my collection from iPOD and it will be replaced by latest iTunes Library.

I was playing around with my iPod yesterday and I discovered that, it is possible to browse all the files on the iPod with the regular Windows Explorer!

You have to have your iPod enabled as a FireWire drive. Then open up the drive in Explorer (the default I think is F:) then you you must change the folder options so that you can view hidden folders.

You will now see a folder called iPod_Control in that folder you will find a Music folder (also hidden)

Open this folder, and you will find a bunch of folders (mine had 19) all numbered with F in front of them (i.e. F01, F02, F03 etc) in each of these folders are your mp3 files! If you want them back on your hard drive, just drag and drop!

I have not found out why the files are put into the separate F folders yet. Anyone know?