Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great India Developers Summit(GIDS) 2009,April 20-23 2010. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Vote for the Biggest Software Awards

With over 6500 attendees benefiting over two game changing editions, GIDS is the gold standard for India's software developer ecosystem for gaining exposure to and evaluating new projects, tools, services, platforms,languages, software and standards. Packed with premium knowledge, action plans and advise from been-there-done-it veterans, creators, and visionaries, the 2010 edition of Great Indian Developer Summit features focused sessions, case studies, workshops and power panels that will transform you into a force to reckon with. Featuring 3 co-located conferences:GIDS.NET, GIDS.Web, GIDS.Java and an exclusive day of in-depth tutorials - GIDS.Workshops.


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Award Categories

Great Indian Developer Awards will honour outstanding achievements across a range of categories in the IT Developer ecosystem. This first-of-its-kind awards ceremony will announce and honour winners across a range of categories.

Products Par Excellence

These awards recognize the product and innovation excellence of the hundreds of software products and tools that aid developer productivity, across 11 different categories. The selection criteria applied by an international stature panel places emphasis on functionality, usability, innovation excellence, bleeding-edge quotient, and feedback from the developer ecosystem.

Development Environments

Nominate from the new breed programming languages, source code editors and integrated development environments (IDEs).

Collaboration Solution

Nominate from groupware, real-time conferencing and collaboration, and digital communities.

Content Management

Nominate from content creation, categorization, workflow, publishing and delivery tools.

Design and Modeling

Rquirements gathering, modeling, prototyping, GUI design, analysis tools, including automatically generating code from models.

Change and Configuration Management

Nominate from across tools that track and manage software defects and enhancement requests as well as version control and change or configuration management.


The best solution developed to test the functionality of a software product or service or a segment of code. Nominate from across test scripting, automation, static and defect tracking, bug tracking and documentation, functional and load testing, quality assurance planning, test-case design, white- and black-box testing and source code analysis.


Nominate tools from across authentication and encryption, code analysis, firewalls, network monitoring, system enhancements, system monitoring and spam prevention.

Web Development

Nominate from web development and deployment tools that are helping developers and designers push the boundaries of the web.

Mobile Development

Awards the best software application, software service or infrastructure solution that enables access to software functionality and boosts the productivity and adaptability of a mobile device including small form factor devices and/or phones. Includes operating systems, infrastructure and network solutions.


Nominate from across the several libraries, components, and frameworks that are part of every developers treasure chest.


Awards the best software solution for the storage, organization, management, search and retrieval of large quantities of data.