Sunday, July 5, 2009

Send SMS From Google for India Mobile Users

Good News for India mobile users. Now you can send sms from Google. Yes Google SMS Channels from Google Labs has provided this technology. This is still in development phase so use it as if it was never there. The reason I say this is that if there are any major problems in this then they might take it down anytime.

I did a testing with MTNL, Orange & Airtel numbers and all the sms reached immediately. You can create a group among your friend and families and send group messages without paying.

You can also receive Blog updates via feeds as SMS too. There are many Indian languages supported too. I came up with a idea on how to send SMS through email using Google SMS Channel.

You need to create a free Google blog initially. Add your friends as Author and invite them from Settings-->Permission tab. Ask all your friends to create a Mail-to-Blogger Address by going to Settings-->Email tab and add numbers or name in the blank name. Make sure that "Publish email immediately" is checked and save it.

This way for e.g. if their email address is and they have added "email123" to, then they can send email to and their posts will get published immediately.

Next you need to register at Google SMS Channel with your blog feeds & ask your friends to send email to above created email with just subject (Note only subject field will be sent out as sms). This way whenever any of your groups send an sms it will reach to all the authors of this blog.

Happy SMSing!!