Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to use Gtalk in Firefox Sidebar??

Gtalk is one of the widely used online messaging service. We connect with our friends and talk with them using Google talk. But you need to have it installed on your computer to use it from your desktop else you need to use Gmail for this. But did you know that you can start using Gtalk from your firefox browser it self? Yes, now you can use Gtalk client for firefox to use it in your firefox sidebar. Lets know

1. Add the below link (just below this line) to your bookmarks. (Right click >> Bookmark This Link)

Google talk
2. Move to your Bookmarks tab in your browser and locate this bookmark. Click on it’s Properties and then check the option saying Load this bookmark in the sidebar.

3. Now again move to Bookmarks tab on your browser and click on this bookmark.
4. That’s it. You can see the Google Talk (Gtalk) in your Firefox sidebar.
5. Sign in to your Gtalk account and start talking with your Google friends.

Check out the screenshot of Gtalk running in Firefox sidebar :