Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Microsoft releases free anti-virus

Hoping to dispel fears about the vulnerability of Windows to viruses and other malware, Microsoft released a trial version of a n
ew free security package called Microsoft Security Essentials.

The software is designed to replace the Windows Defender tool that Microsoft released in 2007, but which was widely derided as being inadequate to protect computers from the constant and ever-evolving threats posed by hackers.

Microsoft has been widely criticised for failing to include free and effective security software in its Windows operating systems, which are targeted far more intensely by malicious software than the rival Linux and Apple systems.

The world's largest software company said that Microsoft Security Essentials is available to the first 75,000 subscribers in the US, Israel, Brazil and China. The software is meant to run in the background, without constantly bombarding users with security alerts or using a lot of system resources.

A full version of the software is expected to become available in September.