Tuesday, June 9, 2009

China Asks PC Vendors to Pre-Install Web Blocking Software on all Computers

The Chinese Government has asked computer vendors to pre-bundle a web blocking software that will automatically block access to websites that are banned or considered illegal in China.

The ruling comes into effect from July 1 so whether you buy a Dell, HP or Lenovo in China, chances are high that your new Windows PC will come pre-installed with this blocking software so you can only visit sites that the government wants you to see. No BBC, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter or Blogger.

Green Dam-Youth Escort

This web blocking software, known as Green Dam-Youth Escort, has an auto-update feature so it will regularly download an updated list of banned sites from the Internet (like your antivirus definitions) and new site that gets banned in China instantly becomes inaccessible on your PC as well.

The Chinese government says that the software is intended to "block access to pornography" but it’s pretty obvious that they’ll use it to restrict content that is considered taboo in China including democracy, Tibet or Falun Gong.

Windows Only - The only good new is that the software is currently available only for Windows so Mac and Linux machines won’t come preloaded as of now