Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Google started Hindi Voice Search to Promote Indian Language content on Web

Google one again taken a long leap toward helping people to search in Indian language .currently offers voice search in English But Now  it has also added Hindi language service. Further to enhance it plans to other Indian languages like Tamil, Marathi and Bengali.As of now Google was able to understand Hinglish but now it will search the content in Devanagari script.

How to use Voice Search on Android and on Desktop

To use Hindi voice-search you have to go to Google Settings on your Android phone, select Search and Now > Voice > Language and select Hindi (Bharat). For Desktop user Using Chrom Browser you need to Select the Language as Hindi once you have selected ensure the भारत is displayed below Google Image. Now Click on Mic Icon on Search Text box that is displayed on extreme right side.After clicking it will prompt to speak. Start Speaking in Hindi the search query script will be Devanagari  and all Result will be mostly from Hindi Content.

In another effort Google has started Showcasing Indian langauge content using a new website'www.hindiweb.com' to help Hindi-speaking Internet users to get Hindi content across Internet.Currently this website is having various newspaper,blogs of different categories links.