Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get Caller ID for Unkown number across the World: TrueCaller-World wide Phone directory

Truecaller is a global phonebook service which brings all the contact information of the world into your smartphone and online. In addition to its worldwide number lookup service, Truecaller can help you block unwanted calls, keep your phonebook up to date with current information and even map your phonebook with the social networks you use regularly. Truecaller was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a privately held company in Stockholm, Sweden founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009.

Currently this application is supported on  IPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.Apart from mobile applications you visit online at
Visit this site and enter the phone number,ensure that you select correct country in drop down.after entering the detail you will asked to login using YAHOO/GOOGLE/FACEBOOK account just login and get the search result. Here I would like to add to Indian user that for INDIAN phone number this might not work correct for all phone number. for Indian phone number  because  database is all based on crowd-data that means if some one has sync his /her phone number with truecaller then it possible that your number can be finally you can't relay fully on this search result.Suppose someone using this application and he has allowed to sync the phone book with database of True caller then all his phone book will get added to True caller database. Since in India there is no Public mobile phone directory so relevancy of the search number may not be always correct. Some time if someone has added some nick name or wrong name with his friend phone number in his mobile phone book then same it will be get added to true caller database after sync and it will be visible as nick name while searching.

It is supported everywhere in the world.
Truecaller caller id will only be activated on incoming or outgoing calls where the number isn't previously stored on your phonebook. (Some limitations like hidden numbers or smartphone platform restrictions apply)
If the user want to opt out from our database whenever they feel uncomfortable being in our database. They can unlist your number from ou website:
Please remember to add your country code, for instance +46707420478.
Note: This does not affect results presented by partnering whitepages directories. And it may take up to 48 hours before it's removed from their database.

How TrueCaller Database is created ?

It get our data partly through partnerships with different white/yellow pages around the world and partly through our own database. This database which is contributed by our users (opt in functionality) and maintained by them is the core value of Truecaller towards the goal of ultimate global phonebook.

To clarify this even further, suppose in ‘India’  Unfortunately there are no reliable public directory services in this country. This brings us to the point where  crowd sourced data is the only reliable source .According to True caller users from all over the world voluntarily contribute to this directory and in return they get access to this special database and get significantly better search results. Even in countries where they have public directories, Truecaller data is used to enhance the data quality.

If you are using this application then Truecaller only access the name and phone numbers in your phone book and they will securely be sent to their servers. Also, information contributed by our users can only be accessed through number lookups (name lookups are not exposed). If you wish to unlist your phone number from Truecaller, then visit .The application covertly uploads users' phone books and makes them part of its crowd-sourced database.

If your name is wrongly displayed on truecaller then Please go to htp:// and enter the suggestion of name change and they will try to evaluate it as soon as possible. Please remember to add your country code, i.e. +46, and make sure your name is correctly spelled.


--It is not possible to trace any call with Truecaller. Truecaller does not access users’ location info in any way.

--Only do Phone number lookups is possible it  do not support name lookups.
--Some limitations like hidden numbers or smartphone platform restrictions apply
--Truecaller will always work provided you have 3G or EDGE or WLAN internet connection on your cellphone and the number is available on their databases.

Please note that, phonebook contribution has been and always will be optional. Only phone numbers and names are used and all data is transferred and kept by Truecaller using secure methods.
Users on the Android platform downloaded from Google Play will until further notice not be able to contribute to this database, but will nevertheless experience the same level of service as if they had.