Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Call155223 to complain about Value added service across all Telecom Operator

Have you ever noticed that your mobile currency balance has been deducted for unwanted service that you have never opted? Now here is solution to get rid of such service and get back your money Telecom consumers can now register complaint about wrongful activation of value added services (VAS) like mobile internet and caller tunes on a new common number, 155223, for all operators. With the help of this service you can know the list of value added service activated on your number.

Telecom operators will have to refund the amount charged for such activation of services if consumers inform about it within 24 hours on this common number.
Subscribers who have been using any value added services beyond 24 hours can also request for deactivation of service on this number. Telecom operator will have to deactivate service within four hours of getting phone call but the customer will not be eligible to claim refund in such cases.

As per the rule, operators will have to take consent of subscribers before activating any VAS and deactivate it without charging for it if no consent is received from them.

TRAI has asked operators to inform their subscribers about the new facility and also publish its details in newspapers.