Monday, January 16, 2012

Information Security Awarness Tutorials

 Here are few Security tips on day to day Information security related aspects

Be careful while downaloding applications through bluetooth or as MMS attachment . They may contain some harmful software which will affect the Mobile phone

1) Delete the MMS mesage receiver from and unknown user without opening it
2) Read the mobile phone operating instaruction carefully mainly regarding the security,pin code setting,bluethooth setting,infrared setting and procedure to downlaod an applications
3) Keep the Bluetooth connection in an invisible mode or hidden mode ,unless you need to use

Know the risk and take precaution before opening your Wi-fi Network to others
1) Use a strong password and google wireless encryption.
2)Don't broadcast your SSID and MONITOR your network for intruders
3) Shut down the network when its not being used and your wireless network interface also

Always used latest verion of browser and update daily
1)Remove the remember password option and enable all the security option that are avaliable in browser
2) Always perform transaction like online shoping,banking in secured and trusted site
3)Always delete cookies before and after financial transaction.

Alwasys use Strong(hard to guess) and easy to remember password
1)Always have minumum 8 character with combination of alphabet,lowercase,uppercase,number and special character
2)Use different pasword for different sccounts and never use last three used passwords
3) Never write your passwords anywhere
4)Use passphrases and simple keys to build as many as password such as I LoveMycountry ~ ILov5My3ountry
here keys for e=5 and c=3

Be Aware of Social Networking security and privacy Issue

1) Limit the inforamtion you post in the socuial networking sites
2) Be cautions with the people meet sincethe idenetity provided may not be true ans always change the defualt setting and enable privacy
3) Avoid clicking link in the posting instead enter URL in browser

Alwasys scan your e-mail attachment with latest Antivirus
1)Alwasys ignore mail from unkown email IDs
2)Disable the auto display image for knwon and unknown user which can prevent Malware
3)Beware of promotinal mails,lottery mail job offer mails and it is better to ignore if you are not expecting
4) Never share any financical or personal detail through email services

Somebody may call you to get your personal information or related to organization
1) Be suspicious of unsolicited phone call emails aksing about your persoanl information
2) Avoid providing information about your organinzation unles you know that person is authorized to have the information
3) Never click th lin in e-mails and websites and simply copy & paste in new URL,if you needed

Be aware about the security  issue of USB devices
1) Your new USB device may come with MALWARE,clean with latest ans upto date antivirus and always disalbe autorun feature
2)Never plug the unkwnon USB drives into your computer
3) Keep your personal and business USB drives separatews
4) Enable passord ans encyrption for data secuity in USB

Always be safe while downloading FREE software and games
1) Your downlaod may be integrated with Malware and other monitoring software,so always scan the same
2) Always download from from known and trusted website
3)Be careful while giving your personal detail for downlaod
4) Always ensure that the source you are downaloding from is legitimate ans llook before you click the links

Be aware while doing your financial transaction in Internet

1) Always use up to date and latest Internet browser with security feature enabled
2) Use security protocol https:// instead of http:// with trusted website certificate
3)No financial insitute or bank will aks about your personal information through e-mail or phone.Never respond to request to verify your account number or password through e-mail and phone
4)Be cautions while using the credit card or debit cards at Malls,ATMs,POS

Be aware of Copyright issue Internet

1) Always respect copywrite laws and policies
2) Alwasys use  licnence software
3) Alwasy read term and conditaion while downlaoding or registerning in Internt.
4) Newver copy copyrighted software without author's permission.

Somebody may use your Desktop to attack critical infrastructure so please secure it.

1)By installing latest version of softwareAntivirus software and configure with automatic scan
2) Alwasy enable desktop firewall.
3) Update Operating system with latest patches
4) Use up to date antiSpywares software.

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