Saturday, September 3, 2011

TV scheduler or TV Guide for INDIAN TV channels

Gone are those days when we were having limited TV channel like DOORDARSAN,DD metro and have limited TV programs. We used to wait for SAPTAHIKI every SATURDAY on DD1 to schedule our movies and programs. We were desperately waiting for weekly schedule for program.
Now Today we have lot many channel in fact more than 200 channel and different channel have different flavour of program at different instant of time so if you want to want your favorite program with your flavor and don't want to miss it please visit this TV scheduler for INDIAN Television
This TV now is unique TV guide which is having schedule of almost all channel which are broadcast in INDIA.You can get the schedule of different channel under different category like FILM.SPORT,FUN,ENTERTAINMENT etc. Most important it has Regional category also . you can view the schedule of past 7 days and coming 7 days. It has unique scheduler for 3 to  9 hours for a day that means you can watch the schedule of program from 3 to 9 hours for single day on single page and the program that has been telecast earlier. There is one of most interesting feature that you can even view schedule for whole day for a particular channel. All you need to select your channel and add your preference. You can navigate to all 24 hrs program using navigation.So now you need not to Press your remote every time for so many channel just schedule and select your program your particular hours


Harsh said...

This one is for Ol TV Fanatics like me!!

Check out this awesome Android app by What's-On-India. DOWNLOAD LINK - or Search for 'WhatsOnIndia' in android market place

It allows us to browse all the action on TV. It also has cool features like Favorite Channels, Favorite Programs, Reminders via SMS and On-Phone & most importantly Schedules for 500 + TV Channels

A must have for all tv-junkies!!