Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Compress your Digital Camera picture for better Storage utilization

Most of time Now a days when we buy high resoutaion digital camera and take picture from it then there is a big problem for it largage file size . suppose when u you have 10 Megapixel camera and you are taking snap with that resoultion then the file size increases. After long time time found a application wihich is pretty much simple and easy to use like other compresson software.

Advance JPEG Compressor is one of Shareware. It is not free but still you can use it up to trial period. The best feature that I like is you can compress your source multiple photo with single click that mean you need to compress individual photo one by one

Digital camera users benefit most from Advanced JPEG Compressor's excellent abilities. It can be the perfect add-on to your other photo software.You can easily process multiple photos just in several clicks, as well as a single image.Advanced JPEG Compressor can reduce file size impressively - without any loss of quality. Smaller files take less space and can be uploaded and downloaded more quickly: effectively optimize photos for faster downloading from the Web, faster e-mail smaller image files - avoiding exceeding size limits - and compress scanned documents for storage or transferal.

Perform basic photo editing
Rotate and crop photos, fix red eyes, add text or graphic watermarks and modify color levels, saturation, contrast or sharpness. Use advanced noise removing filters, EXIF options and more.
With its ability to retain original picture quality, Advanced JPEG Compressor is a must for processing your digital photos.