Thursday, February 10, 2011

Microsoft may launch Windows 7 phone in India this year

Microsoft will launch its much- hyped Windows 7 phone in the Indian market in the later part of this year, a top executive of Microsoft India said Wednesday.
According to Amit Chatterjee, managing director of Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd, the Global headquarters have not yet finalised the exact time of launch.
"I don't think they have finalised on the exact launch details. But, I am sure it will come to the market this year," Amit Chatterjee told reporters during his maiden interaction with media after taking over as the MD of the company's largest development centre outside the US.
According to him, the response for the phone was good, wherever it was launched.
"It is said that nine out of the 10 users are recommending the phone to others. The key factor is about the applications. There are about 7,000 applications currently available. There is a developers' community of about 20,000 people all over the world," Chatterjee said.
He said nearly 100 new applications are being added to the applications store every day.
The mobile platform tools team of the Microsoft India development center has been contributing to development of the Windows 7 phone besides the developers' community, he said.
While HTC has already launched a couple of devices to support the Widows 7 phone, Microsoft is likely to join forces with Nokia for exploring the Indian market, he added.
Talking about Microsoft's search engine Bing, he said Microsoft has been developing Bing more as a decision making tool instead of a measly search engine.
"A user will be able to take a decision after using Bing instead of just searching what he wants on the internet," he said.
The Microsoft India development center here has eight focus areas being handled by about 1,600 employees. The center has so far participated in 270 patents, Chatterjee said