Sunday, February 13, 2011

International call forwarding :Foward your International number to INDIA or any other country specializes in providing international toll-free and local phone numbers in more than 70 countries and 700 cities. This phone numbers come with international call forwarding and smart features such as a hosted PBX with unlimited extensions, VoiceMail2MyEmailSM, Fax2MyEmailSM, time/day call routing, sequential ringing, simultaneous ringing, and international ringback tones. specializes in international call forwarding. They do this better than anyone else by providing you with a reliable service that makes you accessible to your customers around the globe. Your call forwarding settings can be changed by you instantly depending on your needs. You can forward incoming calls to your existing call center or office anywhere in the world. Your new phone number can ring to several locations in different countries. For example, your new phone number can be forwarded to your reservation center in England and your customer service center in France. Let's say you add a new office in Belgium and want to forward calls there; you can. Your calls can be forwarded wherever they need to go. 

You can control where calls are forwarded during specified times of the day and days of the week. This system lets you forward calls to your call center while it's open, to your office during business hours, and then to VoiceMail2MyEmailSM at night. If you have staff working at different times in multiple locations, you can arrange to forward calls to different places at different times. For example, you can forward calls to your sales associate in Beijing during business hours there, and forward calls to your associate in Buenos Aires during business hours there. Call centers know this as "Follow The Sun" call routing. Calls can be forwarded to the call center that is open during local business hours. You can also send calls directly to VoiceMail2MyEmailSM on weekends.
When was the last time you called overseas to reach a business? The simple truth is most people don't know how to call internationally, and even if they do, they wouldn't go through the hassle. Having a locally-recognized number makes international customers more likely to call your business. Your new phone number instantly broadens your market, increasing revenue potential and improving customer satisfaction. 
Call forwarding lets you have a phone number wherever your customers are, and to send those calls wherever you or your representatives are. With call forwarding, customers can call you as if you were across the street, even if you're across the globe.